The Power of Effective Communication: Do Words Influence Decisions?

Is it enough to know how to speak to change the world? Communication has an extraordinary influence on our choices and decisions. Hundreds of experiments have been devised regarding the influencing power of communication. Some have involved animals, others human beings. The result that emerges is always the same and shocking: communication can significantly alter people’s judgment and behavior. But how can we harness this power consciously and constructively?

The Strength of Social Relations

Ideas are primarily formed and evolve through social interactions. In fact, without a sense of belonging and communication with each other, many of our ideas would have no reason to exist. An example that is as fascinating as it is amusing is an experiment done with monkeys, which clearly do not have the same language proficiency as we do, but nevertheless have a whole range of social behaviors and communication patterns that are very effective. The experiment was also quite simple. Several monkeys were trained not to touch a specific object among those available to them (through punishments inflicted on the whole group), while they were free to do whatever they wanted with the rest. Once they were trained, that is, once they understood that the particular object was taboo, if another monkey who was unaware of the fact was brought into the group, it would be “threatened” or mistreated by the others as soon as it tried to approach the “dangerous” object. This new monkey, too, once trained by its companions to avoid the object, although it had never experienced the much-feared punishment on itself, passed on the same behavior to the newcomers. Replacing all the monkeys, one by one, until those who had experienced the “punishment” were no longer left inside the room, the result did not change. This shows how social communication can condition the actions and choices of individuals, even if they are unaware of the motivations behind given behaviors.

The Influence of Words

Other studies, such as Asch’s famous experiment in the 1950s, have shown that free will can be easily influenced by social pressure. In group settings, many people tend to conform to the opinions of others even if those opinions are demonstrably wrong. The most famous of these experiments showed that people taken individually are able to answer correctly a simple question that requires only observational spirit, but when the answer has to be given after consulting as a group, when this group is polluted by “actors” who deliberately misstate the answer, more than one-third of people tend to stop using their own eyes and heads to answer, but instead get influenced by the actors, giving a wrong answer.

Harnessing the Power of Communication with the Inborn Voice method

If you want to better understand and harness the power of communication, Inborn Voice offers a unique path to develop your vocal and communication skills. With the Inborn Voice method, you will not only improve your voice, but also learn how to communicate more authentically and effectively. I invite you to discover how your voice can become a powerful tool to positively influence yourself and others by booking an exclusive voice assessment session.

As you have guessed, it is very easy to influence those who do not use their heads and pay no attention to the objective data coming from their five senses. When interactions take place among people you know, colleagues, family members or friends, this biased effect occurs even more prominently because in addition to those who are swayed to avoid thinking, there will also be those who want to be “the bastian opposite” is to argue an opposing thesis to one of their “rilvale,” just as a matter of principle.

Find out why the Inborn Voice approach is not limited to teaching simple vocal technique or public speaking techniques, and instead explores the deep roots of communication, helping you express your true potential in every area of your life.


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