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  • Video Testimonial from Greg

Video Testimonial from Greg

Once in the United States, it didn’t take long for someone to release a video testimony. This is even more exceptional than normal for two reasons. The first is that it is very difficult for an American to display his image with a testimony, the second is that the testimony clearly speaks of favorable “side effects”.

In fact, as more and more often happens, people are perfectly aware of the advantages they get thanks to their voice and the inborn voice method, even if they are considered “collateral”.

Here is the video testimony from Greg, insurance broker, about improving health and sales with Inborn Voice Realignment:

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Here’s the transcript of the testimony:

I originally came to Mylena (Vocal Coach) to have her help me with my presentation skills not only at BNI (Business Network International), but for other group forums I do an a weekly basis, also to help me with overall leadership skills through the voice.

The first five lessons were more based on improving my initial posture and voice in the group (BNI).

After that we started moving into posture and alignment and this is where the benefits really started to kick in.

She worked on getting me into the right aligned state and by practicing her exercises on a daily basis I have received multiple benefits!

I can reach a totally relaxed position.

I have no more muscular pain my hip pain and my knees and my shoulders. I had surgery earlier this year with spinal fusion, and still have some residual nerve damage.

All that has gone! Nerve damage especially is gone! So it’s fantastic!

Another benefit that has taken place in the past 15 weeks is that through the exercises my blood pressure has gone down to a normal way to the point where I’m no longer taking medication for my blood pressure.

These are all extremely positive and overall you have more confidence once you start practicing, practicing these techniques giving your body a total alignment because once you are having it in our alignment I only do express more confidence and that comes to voice also!

So, consequently sales are up! my leadership skills in private matters for general matters also improving so I cannot recommend more highly than to give Mylena’s practice a try.

Inborn Voice, with her techniques actually works you just need to practice and follow what she tells you to do and inside and out you’ll feel much better!

You no longer need a chiropractor or a massage therapist because once you know your own body and you have it aligned, then it fixes itself

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