The secret to being accepted by people? Turn your life upside down to love yourself again

I am proud of my work and even more proud of the achievements that shine out into the world. Today I want to show you a new, uncut, bare bones testimony. Listen to the voice, its nuances, and you will understand what Inborn Voice really is.

The voice, its vibrations and the emotions it carries into the world are something unique. Cinzia tells of an arduous, intense path, full of a thousand discoveries related to her own essence. Something that is impossible to describe with words alone, but if you manage to go beyond words, you will hear the resonance of pain, suffering, dissatisfaction and pure and extreme loneliness, accompanied by that feeling of emptiness that often leads to not wanting to listen to yourself anymore and looking for the solution, the volume knob, outside.

Cinzia gave this gift to me and I want to give it to you, in the hope that it will help many people to understand that the voice is not capable of lying, while “the head” does it all the time. Learn to listen to the voice of others with your ears and other senses and everything will be clear to you, continue to listen only to their words through the filter of the mind and you will grope in the dark.

Here is the video testimonial about how vocal coaching as the secret to being accepted by people

Here is the transcript:

Hi, I’m Cinzia. I want to tell you about my journey with Mylena Vocal Coach. An arduous path, intense, of a thousand discoveries something that is still very deep to describe.

Before Inborn Voice, I was a girl in desperate need of love, and when you’re desperate, you can touch parts of yourself that you don’t even know exist. Well, I touched them. I touched that bottom which is called pain, suffering, dissatisfaction, pure and extreme loneliness, ending with that feeling of emptiness that led me to use drugs, alcohol. A very painful life.

Before Inborn Voice I was a sad, unhappy, mean girl who could only use one way to get what she wanted: anger. Yes because before Inborn Voice I was very, very angry with life because I felt lacks that not even drugs could fill. I felt that emptiness of a love that couldn’t give me more because the only way I could feel that love was to hit a bottom, my that bottom. It led me to decide a decision that didn’t come right away, it took months before it came down to one, final decision which was to stop using drugs. But from that day that I decided not to touch them anymore so it was.

I had to choose if the love I was experiencing was good for me, if that love that I had at that moment would be able to stand by me. Not to fill me up, not to complete me: to stand by me. And with great regret I had to, and then I wanted to, give up because you cannot love without loving yourself, you cannot demand love if you do not love yourself. You cannot force people to feel what we are feeling at that particular moment because we are not all the same.

I left my life, I left my home, I left what I thought was love for me. I had to leave everything. Not to save anyone, but to be born once and for all, to complete what I was meant to do, but didn’t know it

After Inborn Voice my life was completely turned upside down. But it’s a unique and exemplary decision. It’s so subjective, it’s so much in the self plus our own, deeper self that helps us and this push from within that night made me choose what I wanted to do, which in my case was simply to sing, simply to sing. Today I find myself having opened that closet, pulled out every single skeleton, looking it in the face, listening to it before making me listen, making peace with it, accepting that it’s there and then evolving evolving into something unique, magical, our identity card and after leaving everything and going back to my parents, seeing in the face who I was who I am and to this day, who I will be, it has filled me up inside, little by little, slowly

Having the courage to rely on people, on someone who sees and sees us very clear, very strong. There is no “why” there is “I want this” and I’ll take that. True freedom, that’s what we are: true freedom. And freedom is not for everyone, freedom does not please everyone, and this is why you are able to find, to identify, to feel those people who say they are your friend. Yes, because in this journey, friendship came before love. Friendship has been a realization of what it really is and few, few manage to have that inner freedom to understand what that friend of yours is really doing, I have consolidated this word, this feeling, and little by little I have realized who is really there.

Although it is a year that I moved to Barcelona, it is a year that I am eating my fears, and they are many, many or at least they were. However, such an exciting journey so full of emotions, excitement and seeing myself in the people I have met that this path has given me the opportunity to meet because they are not random people. Each person that came into my life played a key role in building who I am today, so removing and filling.

Today I know how to give the right value to my person to my voice and especially for my voice I wanted with much, much determination to pull away some of the things that “no, Cinzia, no! You don’t want!” What is filling you up inside with that smoke, that cigarette? What? because you think that you won’t be able to work with your voice and so it’s easier to smoke, I’ll ruin it and I’ll realize that I can’t work with my voice. And alcohol? Yes, wine is good. It’s true wine is good, very good but not everyone, not in all circumstances and why? because we hide or better, I was hiding behind a glass, maybe even one more, in order to be myself. In reality I was just hiding. I was anything but Cynthia. And when are you aware of this? When you are aware of this, even the body, which is tied to the mind, to the soul, even the body doesn’t want certain things anymore, in fact, it’s the first one that makes you feel and denies you. My body, my soul, my Inborn Voice because it is from the Inborn Voice that my true voice comes out and is able to say “I don’t want this, I’m not here for this” I don’t use my body anymore for something that is in the name of love. No, you can’t anymore.

Something is changing and many things are learned only by living them inside but if we don’t have the right people to tell you it’s you who are letting other people’s thoughts in, alone we can’t do everything. Alone we cannot save ourselves, alone we cannot save the world. Otherwise we would all be alone, otherwise there would be no relationships. Otherwise, why choose a wife or a husband or to have children?

Let’s take a closer look around and see how lucky we can be to meet a person on the outside. A person who can tell you “look, you are, you can do it, you have this, this, this and this” “you can do it” and that’s it! With Milena I trusted it was my choice and it should be respected. I’m sorry for all those who don’t think so but the reality is that who I am today is thanks to the factor of having given me the possibility, the choice, the freedom to show me, through my voice, what I really want. And it’s not just a matter of desires: I want this, I want that, I want the other, no! because there’s more to it than that. There is, for example, in my case, to go to another country, where you felt something that hurt you, that bothered you, that you couldn’t accept, and not only this. to speak a language that is not yours, to listen to it, to enter into it, to meet all the difficulties of the world, because you can’t get it out because you are ashamed to be heard, so what does singing here become?

vale ahoi non tengo verguenza e ablo no es perfecto, necessita más tiempo más fuerza, más coraje pero estoy aquí ¿es fácil? no ma es quel que quiero

Not to mention the family. I managed through this path to take, cross those very, very painful parts of life difficult to understand, to remember, to explain here is to take the juice and turn it into a stable, firm strength and accept every single part of my family. Because that’s how it has to be for me. They have given me so much strength despite the fact that I haven’t seen them for a year, in silence, in discussions, in important moments, in softer moments. They have always been there and they will always be there even if there is someone who is not talking. They are there and this is one of the greatest achievements that I can carry in my heart.

If I had not taken this path I would never have looked at everything from a variety of perspectives. Not one, several and I wouldn’t have been able to look at the world through someone else’s eyes and others wouldn’t have been able to look at the world through my eyes. Falling in love, being helped. I would not have been helped because another thing I carry, is knowing how to ask and who to ask. We are not for everyone, just as this path is not for everyone. Because I’ve never seen anything like it and I swear I’ve tried everything, everything. Because I’m a person who tries to get really hurt and is always looking for a way to climb and find a glimmer of light. It means she wants to live, she loves herself or maybe she doesn’t know yet that she loves herself and she wants to do it but she doesn’t know how. He doesn’t know how to do it and be neutral, be without judgment. It’s Divine to not find a ploy, to not have a compromise. It’s enlightening.

To conclude, today I sing, I speak a language that is not mine and I have learned even better Italian than I thought I knew. I’ve removed piercings and tattoos are no longer on my skin but inside my heart. And my true identity is slowly coming out and being born. I observe it, because it is me. Because I don’t want to change myself. I want to be better, but not change myself. Because today I am who I was always meant to be, but no one has done the work for me. I have only found and rediscovered people, souls, jewels that are accompanying me who embrace me who want me for who I am, for myself and if I cry, I cry. If I laugh, I laugh.

This is Inborn Voice this is me. And I hope with all my heart that if there is even just one person watching this video who can convey confidence that what is missing in this world, in this moment more than any other moment, who can instill determination, who can instill courage, who can be a shoulder that is what Inborn Voice is all about.

Thanks for listening, Cinzia


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    Great video testimonial, it takes courage!

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