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  • Video Testimonial about finding your voice once again

Here is a very short, but valuable testimonial from one of my Italian clients. She’s Manola and she’s from Rome. When you reach maturity, it’s easy to forget the drive that has taken you where you are. The more you try to find your voice, the hard seems to find it, especially if you try to find it using your mind. The easiest way to find your voice in life, is exactly thought your actual, physical, voice. There is a reason why we say “finding your voice”, don’t underestimate this.

If you find yourself missing words to express what you’re feeling inside, this may be a good testimonial to understand why an Inborn Voice Training can be the solution you’re looking for. Manola has just taken a 5 hours training, and she’s already very happy with the results

Here is Manola’s video testimony finding your voice once again with the Inborn Voice Vocal Coaching:

Here is the transcript of the video:

The experience of participating in the Vocal Coach training with Mylena was an exciting experience to say the least

I haven’t felt for a long time that my voice belonged to me so I really wanted participate in its Inborn Voice training to rediscover my Inborn Voice

Together we retraced all the stages of my childhood of my past and she with her great ability with her great charisma managed to make me discover my Inborn Voice

for this will alway thank her it was a really intense journey at times also very painful suffered but together we succeeded to rediscover features of my childhood my past that were hidden

So thank you very much Mylena for what she was able to teach to me and with this I greet you!

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