Milena Origgi, the power of voice

Today Rete55 aired a special dedicated to Mylena Vocal Coach, Milena Origgi, and her work in the United States of America.

Here is the full video of the interview (25 minutes)

Here is the transcript of the interview:

Debora Banfi: Welcome to the studio for a new special that we have decided today to dedicate to a very special topic: voice. It is no coincidence that we have chosen a guest of excellence Milena Origgi, defined Mylena Vocal Coach, and welcome.

Milena Origgi: Thank you and welcome to you as well.

Debora Banfi: Thank you very much Milena, indeed. You are from our area because you were born in Busto Arsizio, so you are of Lombard origins even if you currently live in America. But let’s start from the very beginning to understand how you really perceived to have this particular voice, this ability that we will talk about in a moment. You discovered to have such an intense and deep voice, able to transmit emotions since you were a child, at the age of 8, didn’t you?

Milena Origgi: Exactly, I discovered this voice, this chord, this sound inside me, wonderful, intense, proportionate to my age, but maybe even stronger that led me to be more and more mature than the others, both in reasoning and especially in the emotional approach with other people. People recognized me, they listened to me with great pleasure and I always touched the soul of the people I met, up to this tender age if not probably even before.

Debora Banfi: It happened to say it and it started, of course, like all the children, singing in the choir of the oratory rather than making small experiences and you really understood that this voice would have been a bit your identity card even as an adult, even in the professional field.

Milena Origgi: Exactly, it has been so challenging, beautiful, pleasant, it was born together with me, it continued together with me, and people recognized me almost before saying my name they said “talalì e quella che alla bella voce”. In the bustocca area I was mainly recognized immediately for this, then came my name and it was very important because this thing I knew would take me somewhere, I still had no clear idea of where, but I always thought big because to get to do something great and you have to think big, and not with the head but with the soul, and this was just what I felt and expressed immediately through the sound of my voice.

Debora Banfi: Of course to think big, but also to do everything on your own because initially you were not very supported by your family, your parents also have a very beautiful and deep voice, but they never spurred you to deepen these skills and maybe accompanied you in a path that could make you improve or make your voice your profession, you decided to do everything on your own

Milena Origgi: So let’s say that my parents have absolutely given me, through their voices, an infinite awareness of the power of the voice, both at the level of love and at the level also sometimes of being how to say taken back and educated correctly, however they have never believed to push me, as many parents do to become famous important or however to become a very self-centered person, my parents have always been inclined to indicate me a respectful education, humble, kind and therefore the old path of go to study very early to become famous, in my house has never existed, so I thank them for this because many children that today come to me, but also teenagers, have parents that instead push them forcefully because they “must” become famous and I often refuse to work with these people because the voice is an element of health inside the person and to push children to do something that probably doesn’t come from them but it comes mainly from the desire of the parents to show themselves is absolutely something that I fight

Debora Banfi: Sure, absolutely. Let’s say that the most traditional way would have been for you to become a singer and then to become famous nationally, maybe even internationally, in short, maybe it would have been the easiest way to go, but at a certain point in your life you decided to do something different and then to specialize in training, so let’s start from here, where this idea came from and what led you to change course, to put aside, let’s put it this way, the profession of singer to become a trainer.

Milena Origgi: So it’s curious, because while singing people clearly loved what I was doing, they wanted to listen to me more and more, but they also started to tell me “when you speak you sing” and I said yes it’s true. I like my voice very much, other people like it too and so then I started to help people to improve their voice because they were maybe shy, they wanted to talk, they had maybe the first resumes to show, I was very young, and the first languages and especially English, I helped them from phonation to pronunciation, enunciation, so for sympathy. Later on this voice becomes more and more clear that it’s not only related to singing anymore,, singing is an additional exposition but it’s not the main exposition, and I started to think and feel that I was singing while talking, after that this led me to say but if I can sing while talking, i.e. I fascinate people, I engage people, I touch people’s souls, this is a gift and I have to use it and as I was saying just now between us, people kept telling me more and more “hearing you speak is almost healing, it reaches, you touch my soul, I think it’s important that you do something for more people”. And from there, person after person, client after client, the results were no longer just in the artistic realm of vocality but had become within the expressiveness and vocation of the person in their life, we were really going to touch the essence so this then led me to say, I’m doing something bigger, the results are incredible, really incredible.

Debora Banfi: Exactly you have created a method called Inborn Voice method, it is just because in some way you go to dig inside the person and through the voice you reconstruct a little bit the identity of the person and you can also find out his sufferings, his problems, his pains, so we can say that the voice goes to tell something about us.

Milena Origgi: True, the voice, perfectly, is a wonderful picture in which is never omitted, at least for my ears, my gift, neither the darkest shadow nor the most intense ray of light, but it tells completely everything

Debora Banfi: sure, so we can say that our voice changes during our life, maybe we don’t realize it, but it goes a little bit modular according to what we live

Milena Origgi: Yes, the voice becomes a “container” of all the experiences, of all the sensations that we have lived, but not on a rational level, it is on a quantum frequency level, so we receive from our parents, from our schoolmates, even from a stranger in the street, certain frequencies that we decide, not even unconsciously, but even more deeply, to hold or not, depending on our state at that moment. If you’re ready to open up or not so in the voice there is everything, it keeps changing and it is fundamental to understand that when it is connected to your Inborn Voice, it never changes.

Debora Banfi: Of course this method leads you to educate people to free their voice, you said just before entering the studio, in some way you are going to erase the mistakes that have been made in a previous training path just to ensure that everyone returns in some way to their origins and is free to express themselves through their voice, this is the secret of your work.

Milena Origgi: So the secret is that instead of putting further notions, which always pass through the mind and therefore rarely touch the soul. It is much easier to go on the superficial than on the deep part, I go to find these points because in the voice they are immediately clear to me. I begin to crumble it, to eventually find the corner where they can begin to be broken, destroyed, dissolved, so that we can return to the origin. In cartoons, but also in Eastern culture, is well expressed with the energy the “ci”, then the center of the life of ourselves, going to find that fireplace that center, that “ci”, the very deep energy that we were born and why we are in this world. What happens? The voice rediscovers, this is the phrase of a journalist that I liked very much, it is a gushing spring where we can once again draw on life. In this moment then this phrase is very important, that you are saying, and it absolutely takes you to another dimension. Someone also combines it with an experience in “matrix” mode, living the voice through the Inborn Voice method.

Debora Banfi: Of course this experience is not only useful for those who use the voice professionally, for example the singer, but it can be useful for all of us because in some way it brings us back to our origins, as you said a few moments ago.

Milena Origgi: Of course, let’s say that perhaps the lightest clients are those who arrive at an artistic level, then many want to go deeper, but for me, voice is now completely 360 degrees, from business to those who want to find themselves, to those who want to present and those who want to motivate, but basically all those who reach out to me have now realized that they don’t know, they can’t find, they feel that their main essence is missing, their true identity: “what am I here to do, who am I, what do I represent, am I lost or have I gotten lost”. Here is the way and the way of the voice, a secret hidden on everyone’s lips which is then the book I wrote.

Debora Banfi: Of course, among other things, you were telling me about these experiences, and I was thinking about the other book that you were telling me about, which defines you as the voice guru, and in this book you tell us about the experience of some people that you helped and that somehow managed to improve their lives, so maybe to reach the goal that they had set for themselves, or simply to solve something that was tormenting them, or maybe was not even totally defined.

Milena Origgi: Let’s say that many people arrive saying “I feel something here” or “it’s blocked here” or “it’s concentrated here”, then sometimes they arrive with real physical problems such as “my voice gets low” or “I have a stomach ache” and by chance, by doing this path, many of these problems disappear. In this book, the new one, the voice guru, stories of magic and rebirth is very nice because they are the ones talking, they are sixteen people who have decided to undress in front of the readers and tell what Inborn Voice has done and we go from fairly light stories, so business history in which becoming a motivator then meant for them through the voice to really know how to guide others, to stories of mothers who have been able to improve their education not only as a concept but with a voice that has given their children a direction of security but at the same time of authority, and then we find ourselves instead in the area of people I love the most those who are really looking for this pure diamond that they have within them, and we have stories that also tell of important addictions that have been removed through the strength of these frequencies Inborn Voice, really finding the joy of living without masks.

Debora Banfi: Of course, among other things, these abilities of yours have been recognized internationally, especially in the United States of America, because we know that there are various types of green cards that are recognized for immigrants in the United States, and the one issued for extraordinary abilities is the most coveted one, because it’s a bit more difficult to get it, and it’s not by chance that it’s called the green card of geniuses, and you have been given this card because they have recognized your abilities and your skills, and it’s not by chance that you are now living and working in America.

Milena Origgi: True, I live in Boston and then I often move to New York and I opened a new studio in Los Angeles and I’m constantly expanding. In Europe I have been in London and then in Italy I have been in Milan from a business point of view and this green card or genius green card is very rare and I must say that I am the first person in the world, not even the first woman, many ask me first woman, not the first person in history so maybe in 50 years I will be in the history books, to have achieved this goal that very few are released I must say that we venture perhaps to 0.004 percent of requests worldwide. They are really very rare and it was given by Albert Einstein some time ago, just for his extraordinary abilities. It’s a special green card, beautiful, very difficult to obtain, which took years of commitment, dedication, but it really consecrates me as the visionary in this field of vocal coach that in my opinion has become reductive and is no longer just a vocal coach, but we are talking about a Voice Guru, We’re talking about a person who is an expert at the university level in a field that is still emerging and I must say that I don’t want to take all the credit, but certainly almost all of it, because my site was born more than 20 years ago and I opened this road, where the voice is not only artistic, the voice is the vital essence of the person is the first authentic contact of who we are, when we don’t reach this depth of the Inborn Voice. So this experience in Boston and New York, which is so hard that it will probably take us a whole episode just to tell about it, is wonderful because America, you didn’t ask me but I say it with love, came to America when I was about 16, I was still a minor and I looked at the skyscrapers from the bottom to the top and I said “sooner or later I will come back here, and I will come back in a strong and important way because this is the gift that God gave me” and so it was and now I am recognized by the government of the United States. The United States of America, they don’t give discounts to anyone and I want to, I also told the mayor of Busto Arsizio, mine is a genius green card self sponsored, that is to say that it was not sponsored and helped by anyone, but only and exclusively by my strength, my courage and together with me by the gift that God gave me because I was accompanied by this great strength.

Debora Banfi: Of course, you were talking about universities first, because you are collaborating with universities all over the world, even with the Catholic University of Milan, so your collaborations continue also in Italy in order to spread this method among young people.

Milena Origgi: Absolutely, today more than ever young people need this voice in depth because all that social, cell phones, they are almost afraid sometimes to talk on the phone with others, they use more text messages or even young people tell me “but look, my tongue dries up, I can’t express my emotions, not even to my parents”. So I’m bringing my experience to the university, because voice will serve in the future as never before, to define one’s personal brand, but even more so since we will be increasingly evaluated based on how we express ourselves. Today the curriculum vitae are no longer presented only paper level, there are the videos and in the videos you can also be beautiful, but if your voice does not hold up, automatically who wants to hire you says what’s going on? and this is a message that I want to give young people through the university, but also the professors, and it is essential and I work with Cattolica and Bocconi that I love both as ideologies, I like them very much because I love to see the world of youth and the desire to not only learn but express what they have inside, otherwise they are full of information and then after when they have to present themselves are not able so what do we do with all that baggage so it is very important. I love working with universities so much because there is always something new, young people, as much as I still consider myself young, but the kids of course is that they are eighteen to twenty year olds really need to use this vocal communication because they often fear that they don’t have good friends and I say that true friendships are born from a good voice, if you are not honest with your voice you try to mask your fears through it, it is difficult to have good friends and friendship then creates our future and it is no coincidence that you were talking about these new generations and the increasingly disproportionate use of cell phones, tablets that push these kids to speak very little to use mainly written texts and emoticons, so in reality they lose the real human relationship. We have to start from here because in reality the voice allows us to relate to others, but if we use the phone, the tablet and technological tools, it seems as if we need them more. Absolutely a fundamental thing that I say to young people, I say all but mainly to young people in this case is that the little message that we send can not only be misinterpreted but often when they don’t get along with someone after a text message, what happens? What happens is that they have to call each other they have to talk because in the voice we have nuances that make it clear if we are angry if we are upset or not if it is important what we are saying and then we have verification, the so-called feedback, while the text message, to isolation which is another big problem that I am increasingly dealing with because it leads to isolation. These things almost don’t even allow us to choose to speak anymore and if we don’t speak and don’t say we are blind to the nuances that the voice can have that can allow us to understand. If often the little girl who asks me about her boyfriend and so on: your boyfriend if you use text messaging could be that he is wrong, he understands what he wants, he uses the voice but he uses the real voice

Debora Banfi: Of course, in fact, many misunderstandings arise from these messages because each person interprets them in their own way and then you can not save a relationship maybe for small trivialities.

Milena Origgi: Of course, with the voice well used and above all well connected, you can’t go wrong. The voice never lies to those who know how to read it, but they too must learn to read it. Many people I know worry a lot about judgment, kids are terrified of judgment: “what will he think?”. But if we don’t use our voice to understand in the world also the nuances of others through their voice the judgment will become bigger and bigger and at some point it will freeze us somewhere.

Debora Banfi: Of course and in fact you have also written another book because before we mentioned your first book but before defining our episode to our special important to talk also about the second one “the way of the voice, hiding a secret on everyone’s mouth”

Milena Origgi: That’s exactly what we were saying just now, that is to say to be able to use one’s own voice to express oneself and to tell the truth, that is what really characterizes us. This is fundamental because I always like it even if it seems a bit banal, but this example always works. If we are an apple, we cannot speak in “applese” to a pear, okay? So what happens if we do this? What happens is that the other person doesn’t get our message so we don’t find ourselves. We are an apple, we are a pear, we are a strawberry, let’s recognize each other and then let it be known that we are that person because we first know that we are then that point everything will be revealed by love, friendship, knowledge. All does not mean that you will have a great success because once it has happened and also a set of untruths, especially in certain areas, but it is essential that they know that this is essential to have an immediate true feeling and maturation of their communication. If communication does not mature, we continue to learn in books and we do not live it, we do not experience it, we are in deep relational difficulty.

Debora Banfi: Of course, before concluding, I would like to mention the current situation, you were talking about isolation, that is, people not only prefer to send each other written messages rather than call each other or talk to each other face to face, but sometimes they tend to isolate themselves. pandemic we hope given that unfortunately the data are beginning to speak of an increase however of the contagions but we want to be positive that is the phase post pandemic you are living precisely a worsening from this point of view persons who have become accustomed even more to the isolation and that they make still more difficulty to relate with the others

Milena Origgi: So I have to tell you the truth I had a boom in this pandemic, but a boom of people who couldn’t wait to talk and know how to talk. In my case it led them to reflect on how much not being able to talk and communicate was missing and that led them to ask themselves a question “who am I?”. This question led them deeper into the pandemic to see more clearly how many friends they have, what relationships they are in, what they would like. So while it has isolated those who have refused to look inside are still afraid, it has instead awakened those who have decided to look inside. Clearly my work has increased a lot and those who are very isolated often find me reading the book and then they contact me, but they are almost afraid of the first meeting, so they ask me but do you do a live event? Of course I’ll be in Milan on January 16 with a live full day workshop, but let’s say that the pandemic has led to a double realization, those who were in doubt had time to stop and try to contact them, to bring out what they had already felt for a long time, those who, on the other hand, in the pandemic have been further locked up, they find a strong isolation and I take the opportunity to say that there is a possibility to get out, to open the door, the window, and even the roof at times, and really live this life as it should be lived, but with the relationship, talking and not just talking in circles, talking with your deepest self.

Debora Banfi: Of course, thank you very much, even if the final message is also a sort of good purpose for our listeners, that is to return to prefer the relationship, the real one, rightly through one’s own voice to communicate one’s own identity. Thank you very much, of course, thank you, from home, look for Milena Origgi on the internet on social media just to follow what will be her activities in Italy. You said just a date in Milan, or of course there will be others and surely on the internet you can find more details. Thank you as always thank you from home and see you next special network 55.


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