Doublespeak, as a concept, has long intrigued communication enthusiasts and scholars. Coined by George Orwell in his dystopian novel “1984,” it refers to the use of language to obscure, distort, or reverse the meaning of words. At its core, doublespeak embodies a form of communication that appears clear and straightforward on the surface but is often deliberately crafted to be ambiguous or even empty. Here at Inborn Voice we are leaders in Vocal Coaching that expresses emotion and truth, so we will explore the prevalence of doublespeak in contemporary communication and its implications, with a particular focus on how it often results in the emptiness of the message being transferred.

The Art of Doublespeak

George Orwell’s “1984” introduced the concept of doublespeak as a tool of the totalitarian regime. In the novel, the ruling party, known as “The Party,” used doublespeak as a means to control thought and manipulate the truth, essentially removing any word that is in someway connected to actual emotions. Doublespeak is now defined as language that intentionally obscures, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words, often for political or deceptive purposes.

The motivation behind employing doublespeak is often rooted in the desire for power and control. By manipulating language, individuals, organizations, or governments can maintain authority, mislead the public, and avoid accountability. Doublespeak is a potent tool for marketing and propaganda, as it allows those in power to shape public perception without overtly lying. The concept that “it’s not important what you say, but what they listen” highlights the crucial role of the audience’s interpretation and perception in communication. Here at Inborn Voice we use to say instead “it’s not important what you say, but how do you say it”, because hiding the truth is never a good tactics in long term human relationships.

The Emptiness of Doublespeak

Ambiguity and vagueness are hallmarks of doublespeak. One common way this occurs is through the use of vague language to avoid commitment. For example, a politician might use phrases like “We need to consider all options” to sidestep a direct answer. The result is an empty statement that provides little concrete information.

Jargon and buzzwords are frequently used in doublespeak. In corporate and political environments, for instance, complex jargon and buzzwords can create the illusion of expertise or importance. These terms may be devoid of real substance and can contribute to an emptiness in communication, where understanding is hindered by the use of insider language.

Modern Lingo and Doublespeak

  1. Political Discourse Modern political discourse provides ample examples of doublespeak. Politicians often employ doublespeak to avoid taking a clear stance or to deflect criticism. For instance, they might use phrases like “alternative facts” to justify falsehoods, thereby creating an emptiness in the truth.
  2. Advertising and Marketing In the realm of advertising and marketing, doublespeak is used to manipulate consumer perception. For instance, a product label may use the term “natural flavorings” to make a product seem healthier, even if the ingredients are far from natural. This is a prime example of how language is used to create an empty promise or image.
  3. Social Media and Digital Communication The rise of social media has amplified the use of doublespeak. Misinformation, half-truths, and divisive language are prevalent, leading to an emptiness in the quality of discourse. Social media platforms can create echo chambers where individuals are exposed only to like-minded perspectives, reinforcing doublespeak and limiting critical thinking.

The Consequences of Doublespeak

  1. Erosion of Trust Doublespeak contributes to the erosion of trust in institutions and public figures. When people sense that their leaders or authorities are engaging in doublespeak, trust is eroded, leading to a sense of cynicism and skepticism.
  2. Intellectual and Moral Consequences The use of doublespeak can have intellectual and moral consequences. When language is routinely manipulated, it becomes more challenging for individuals to engage in critical thinking. Furthermore, the erosion of ethical values in communication can lead to moral decay within society.
  3. The Quest for Clarity The prevalence of doublespeak highlights the importance of clarity and transparent communication. In a world where deception is rampant, individuals should be vigilant in recognizing doublespeak and seek greater clarity in communication. Strategies for identifying and combating doublespeak include media literacy, fact-checking, and promoting critical thinking skills.


In conclusion, the art of doublespeak is a complex and pervasive issue in contemporary communication. Its ability to create ambiguity, vagueness, and emptiness in language has far-reaching consequences. From political discourse to advertising and social media, doublespeak influences various aspects of our lives. Recognizing its presence and effects is the first step in combatting it and striving for a more transparent and truthful communication environment. In a world where words hold immense power, we must be vigilant against the manipulative use of language, as George Orwell cautioned in “1984.” By doing so, we can preserve the integrity and honesty of communication in the modern era.

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