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Sirmione, Italy – 7 Day Luxury Voice Retreat

Sirmione, Italy – 7 Day Luxury Voice Retreat


Inborn Voice is thrilled to present this Luxury Retreat in Sirmione, Italy, September 02-08, 2018. Italian lakes are famous all over the world  for their beauty, and Sirmione sits in the middle of Garda’s Lake, the biggest one. Sirmione literally sits on a short strip of land that stretches out to the the middle of the lake. The ancient city features breathtaking scenery. The surrounding area is full of colorful houses, vineyards, olive groves and lemon orchards.

Sirmione is one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy. Mylena Vocal Coach was born in Italy and wants to share this amazing part of the world and its culture, with this truly unique voice, yoga and wellness retreat with all of you!


Starting from the 1st century BC, the area of the Garda, including what is now Sirmione, became a favorite resort for rich families coming from Verona, the main Roman city in north-eastern Italy. Verona is known all around the world for the romantic story of the two lovers Romeo and Juliet and is home of one of the world largest roman amphitheaters the Arena where is still running live Opera.  Sirmione was a possession of the Republic of Venice from 1405 until 1797, when it was acquired by the Habsburg Empire. It became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860. The main historical landmark of Sirmione is the so-called Grottoes of Catullus (Grotte di Catullo), the most striking example of a Roman private edifice discovered in northern Italy. The town is famous for its natural hot springs that are just in the middle of the lake.


Romans invented the SPA a very long time ago! The word SPA comes from the Latin phrase, “Salus Per Aqua,” or “health through water,” traditionally used to mean a place where the water is believed to have special health-giving properties. This is usually a mineral or hot spring, and can include cold water treatments.

But today a SPA can mean much, much more. In fact the term spa is now applied to any business whose aim is to increase the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul as long as it includes at least one hydrotherapy treatment.

Paths to wellbeing are as varied as we are, but you can be sure of one thing:  that this luxury wellness retreat sponsored by Inborn Voice will exceed your expectations.


The water is channelled from the thermal spring through a complex system of protected and insulated stainless steel pipes, which keeps its chemical-physical properties unchanged.  Every drop of water that eventually reaches the spring has taken a journey that has lasted over 10,000 years!


The sulphurous water with bromide and iodide salts combines  bestowing therapeutic actions that affect the whole body and, in particular, the respiratory, osteoarticular, circulatory, cutaneous and gynaecological systems.


Our retreat takes place near the shores of the lake, just a short, free ride away from Sirmione, a pedestrian only city. September is still high tourist season on the lake and you will find people there from all over the world, especially Europe, all there to enjoy the most relaxing vacation ever. You will find all sorts of activities and sports. The luxury hotel has a private SPA inside for hotel guests. All meals are included except one, the lunch in Verona. Starting with a delicious and hearty breakfast, we continue with lunch and dinner. You will alway be served at a table and all meal and ride tips are already included! We have scheduled a boat trip on the lake with Prosecco and a rich buffet, a winery tour with cheese, limoncello and wine tasting, followed by a dining experience with three course meal and wine  in the countryside!


Milena is known as the Voice Guru world-wide. She lives in Boston. She has 30 years of International experience in teaching classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.
She was born in Italy and is the founder of the Inborn Voice Method, the first and only holistic voice training method to realign the inner vibration that keeps us alive with the outer vibration produced by our voice.

She has been featured on CNBC, Elle, Class and other major television shows and newspapers. She has written two books, the first one is already a bestseller in Europe, the second one will be available in the US soon.

She was the first vocal coach awarded  Topic Expert by the University Cattolica of the Holy heart in Milano.

Allan and his wife Susan live in Marblehead, MA where they raised two children, John and Sarah.

In 2016, Allan left a thirty-year career as a CPA and opened The Marblehead School of Raja Yoga to teach peace of mind (meditation) as outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Allan has been a devout student and practitioner of yoga since 2003. He’s studied with several internationally-acclaimed yoga instructors, and in 2011 received a 500-hour teaching certification from a student of BKS Iyengar.

Allan met Mylena in 2016 and has been one of her students and devotees since.


Twice per day (except for the arrival and departure day) you will retune and realign your voice and practice yoga!

Mylena will take you on a journey to unlock your voice in a truly unique way with the Inborn Voice Method. You will be able to sense the subtle vibration that resides within you and learn how to shift it into a magic day, whenever you want!

Allan, will guide you through an experience that will reacquaint you with the essential physical and mental aspect of yourself, including light stretching, breath concentration and meditation exercises. 

Mylena and Allan will listen to what the group wants more and adjust accordingly for the best retreat experience!

There are several incredible excursions in our Sirmione Luxury Wellness Retreat:

BOAT TOUR WITH PROSECCO AND RICH BUFFET of Sirmione Peninsula. This private boat tour will take you around the picturesque coastline of Sirmione, viewing ruins of the Roman era Catullo’s Villa.

GUIDED VISIT TO VERONA. Verona is one the most important cities near Sirmione and has thousands yeas of history, monuments to discover and enjoy, and great restaurants! After the guided tour we will spend the rest of the day in Verona enjoying lunch in a restaurant of your choice (this lunch is the only one not included) and shopping among some the Italy’s finest hand made crafts as well as some of its most famous luxury brands.

WINE AND GASTRONOMY TOUR. We will take a local winery tour to enjoy wines, cheeses, olive oil and limoncello. All these products find their origins in this region of Italy, and they taste here like nowhere else! After the tasting we will continue with a three course meal and wine at a restaurant close to the rural area near the lake!

The area of Sirmione offers a lot of activities to enjoy, including walking along the lake shores or hiking, water sports including sailing and diving, horseback riding, climbing, golf, tennis and much more.


Here’s what is included in this wonderful Sirmione Luxury Wellness Retreat:

  • 6 Nights accommodation in 4+ Star Hotel
  • 6 Yoga sessions
  • 6 Vocal Coaching sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (minus one lunch)
  • Private boat tour of Sirmione
  • Private and guided tour of Verona
  • Wine and Gastronomy tour
  • Transportation to/from the hotel and Sirmione pedestrian area
  • Transportation to/from Malpensa airport and the hotel

Single Room with en suite bath: starting from 3,299.00€ (approximately 4,000.00 USD)
Shared Room with a friend or other guest: starting from 2,899.00€ (approximately 3,500.00 USD)
Must reserve with a 25% deposit and pay in full 6 weeks before departure.

Flights to/from your home and Milan Malpensa Airport and Drinks/Beverages are not included.
Vegetarian and Vegan option available upon request.

Retreat is limited to a maximum of 16 people.

Please contact us to receive a detailed schedule and retreat policies.
We can arrange for extend accommodations in Sirmione, or elsewhere in Italy, just ask!

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Vocal Coaching: the winning tool for your career

Vocal Coaching: the winning tool for your career

Today it is essential to grasp before the others which, among the many available, is the tool that can allow you to have that extra something and help you on the road to personal success.

The number of Coaches and their specializations is rising, but while the majority aim to teach new things, Mylena Vocal Coach and Inborn Voice stand out for their desire to “free” the voice and identity of people to make them truly unique.

In fact, uniqueness is the only winning weapon of the third millennium

Here is an interesting article about Mylena and her working method

Here is the link to the original content

Mylena Vocal Coach interviewed by CNBC

Mylena Vocal Coach interviewed by CNBC

This is the transcript about Mylena Vocal Coach interview by CNBC about being a voice Guru.

The term GURU define a special kind of teacher, one that knows and perfectly understands a specific art form.

Milena Origgi’s Art form is the Voice and she is a Vocal Coach!

Loving and caring for her voice since childhood, Milena understood very early that the Voice was her unique talent.

Then her Voice became a powerful instrument, first to define herself, her identity and then the hidden Essence of her clients and students.

She has even created a Training Method from her unique vision, naming it Inborn Voice.

The Inborn Voice method deals in everything that is related to the Voice at 360°.

I don’t work with the Technical aspect of the Voice alone.

I go deeper and embrace the full potential that human Voice has to offer.

According to Milena, our Voice is the only way we have to let people listen to us.

By first listening to your own Voice, the same voice that everyone else can hear, but more importantly, by listening to your Inborn Voice, the one that lives inside of you and that only you can perceive, you start to understand who you really are and let the world accept that.

It is important to learn how to live in awareness of your voice.

One of the mile stones of the Inborn Voice Method is Vocal Realignment™

It is achieved through the realignment between the vibration that lives inside us, our Inborn Voice, and the vibration of our voice in the outside world.

It may seem like a path designed only for vocal professionals like singers, voice over artists and actors, but it works for everyone else as well.

The method is really useful to anyone who want take back their voice or discover their real voice, to become assertive or to overcome big obstacles.

When someone is interested in improving their voice, either the one they use to speak or the one they feel inside, I help them to express through their voice something that is exactly in tune to what they feel inside.

This process is useful not only for singers, actors and voice over artists, but also for managers and everyone who relies on their voice to make a living, like therapists, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, moms, parents, couples.

I started very young. When I was 6/8 years old, I became aware of my talent. But then, like everyone else, I followed an academic path, and when I was 25/26 years old I started fully committing to the world of voice training.

Now I have almost 30 years of experience, but it all started with my extreme curiosity.

It was my curiosity to meet different people, new type of sounds and vibrations, new languages, new accents and finally new emotions, that has driven me to continuously change the country that I live in.

Now I think I will stop in Boston because it is one of the cities that I love the most.

Milena’s first dream was to sing. But it was only in adulthood that she has fully understood that her talent was not related only to her own voice, but also to the voices of others.

She has the gift to unlock other’s people voice and to help everyone to find their voice, to help everyone to gain the inner strength
directly from the source: the Inborn Voice.

Today, thanks to her career, she travels all over the World studying sounds and vibrations  from different cultures.

Thanks to her second book, soon available in English, “La Via della Voce”, she has made this new type of voice training available Online.

Today Milena has conducted over 17,000 Vocal Coaching Session.

In 2016 she was given the title of Topic Expert in Communication Techniques from the University of the Holy Heart in Rome.

It is a Course that has been recently added to our University curricula just to give the students the opportunity to be prepared to speak in front of the public .They have to overcome stage fright and Voice Training plays a fondamental role in this.

We are trying to introduce a new type of university course with the participation of business and vocal experts helping the students become aware of the powers hidden inside their voices.

Vocal Coach, Topic Expert, Voice Guru, or Voice-Tuner, as she defines herself.

Milena “fixes” people’s Voices.

She transforms the voice into the balance point between soul and body.

I’ve been gifted with the talent of being a voice-tuner and in this role I understand what to do and when to do it to “fix” someone’s voice.

I travel the world all year round and despite that I always had time for my wife, my sons and to play sports.

My life is full of sports like skydiving, snowboarding, tennis, bicycling and archery.

I met Milena over the Internet and I started with some suspicion, without giving her too much credit.

At that time, I was not comfortable with my voice, but with every lesson I was more and more confident.
She was even able to make me do what I considered impossible: sing!

This was something I was missing in my life, which was already full of other satisfactions, and I was very happy to be able to sing
because my father was a good singer.

Milena was able to instill in me the trust and the willforce to do it.

With Milena’s method people are able to attain greater self awareness and greater expressive capabilities

through a path that identifies the talent hidden inside of their voice and emotions.

All this allows for their inner self to bloom!

Mylena Vocal Coach Interviewed by women’s magazine “Donna Moderna”

Mylena Vocal Coach Interviewed by women’s magazine “Donna Moderna”

This week Mylena Vocal Coach appears in the weekly magazine Donna Moderna, interviewed by Alessia Sironi. The questions asked are all very interesting, also in anticipation of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and aim to get valid suggestions for women readers.

You will find in the article:

  • 5 breathing exercises
  • how to improve your self-esteem
  • how to showcase a more feminine and sensual voice

Here is the link to the original content