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As you may have already noticed, I have recently opened a new vocal coaching training group project over Patreon. This has raised several inquiry emails interested in my online Vocal Coaching “Masterclasses”. The number one question I receive is “What can I learn from a Vocal Coaching Masterclass ?”.

As people seem quite confused about what should be searching to learn in a Masterclass, I’ve decided to write this post to explain, according to my personal experience, should be present in a Masterclass and what should be considered a scam instead.

In my masterclasses, I teach almost exclusively what is not present in any book. I would say more. What could not be possible to learn in a written form. I’m a vocal coach and I do teach how to use the voice. So for sure “voice practice” is something that is intrinsically incompatible with the written form. Again, I would say more, is also somewhat incompatible with a “traditional” video training. To be effective over a video, it will require some “genius”, and that’s where Inborn Voice can stand tall.

I am also a Topic Expert for Communication Skill Course in one of the most renowned business University of Italy, I have always focused my approach teaching and transmitting to the students the idea that the books are for masses and not for peak results and expectations. They are about what anyone can learn already, not about what is a new trending topic and research argument. So, University courses and masterclasses should be about what is not yet available to anyone, what is not yet a mastered craft. Only in this way, it will be possible to shape a future of growth and innovation, in this case, for vocal coaching.

This is an essential point, but there is more. A MasterClass should not be about a “single person” experience. When you attend a “session” created upon someone great in his/her field of work, you’re just taking his/her share of experience. This is still a great learning experience, but it cannot be defined as a “MasterClass”. What has worked for others, may not work for you. Plus if you’ll have to “clone” someone already existing, when you go to an audition you will hear feedbacks like “nice, you sound like that famous one. Unfortunately, we already have him/her, so you’re not original”. Cloning or copying someone else works will take you nowhere.

In masterclasses, in person or over Patreon, I do not share my personal experience, but I share the ones of many of my successful intervention in many of my client’s results. This will blow your mind as you will understand that there are endless possibilities, you just have to express yours. Non find yours, not build yours, but express yours! Like an orchestra director, I can fine-tune each one of the attendants to be the best instrument ever. Tuning is the real “value” of a Vocal Coach, and Inborn Voice is the only method that was created for tuning voice and emotions.

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