A speed date is a social event where several people go on a series of short, timed conversations with potential romantic partners. Participants usually sit across from each other in a specially designated room and have a few minutes to introduce themselves, ask questions, get to know each other, and possibly like each other. When the allotted time runs out, people switch tables and everything starts over with another person, continuing in this way until everyone else has met.

At the end of the event, participants will somehow name the people they would like to see again to the organizers and, if there is mutual interest, contact information are exchanged. Speed dating is a more efficient and structured way than “casual” or “social media” dating, but it has characteristics and difficulties that should not be left to chance.

What are the factors that can determine success in speed dating?

  1. Communication skills: Good communication skills are definitely the most important factor in speed dating, because you need to be able to make a positive impression and create a bond with the other party in the short time allotted. Communication skills, as we teach here at Inborn Voice, is not only about expressing yourself clearly, but also the ability to ask interesting questions and especially to actively listen to the answers!
  2. Confidence: having self-confidence and being able to demonstrate it while talking is definitely a key factor in making a positive impression during speed dating. A person who appears confident, even if clearly excited, is more likely to be perceived as attractive, interesting and engaging. Anyone who starts Inborn Voice Vocal Coaching starts working on their self-esteem from the very first meeting.
  3. Positive attitude: a positive attitude helps a lot in making a good impression during a speed date. If you are upbeat, friendly and open, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection, even if you feel shy, awkward and “out of place.”
  4. Compatibility: ultimately, the success of speed dating depends first and foremost on chance. In fact, it is imperative that you find someone who is compatible with you. We do not teach you to please everyone, but to show at first glance who you really are by sharing your interests, values and lifestyle.
  5. Follow-up: once the event is over finally it is important to be able to create a lasting bond over time. Physical attraction can help in the early days, but building something long-term requires communication skills that are equal to each other.

What is the role of vocal expressiveness and communication skills in speed dating?

Vocal expressiveness is indispensable in all social and work interactions. Its role is crucial because it always conveys, even against your will, a range of emotions and social attitudes that are decoded and picked up by the other party. When meeting a new person, the way you convey emotions through tone, intonation and rhythm of your voice will never come naturally without the right training. The voice conveys a lot of information about personality, emotions and intentions. One cannot fake it, or rather, one may “think about faking it” but not for a lifetime. Better to learn how to express yourself than a nonexistent person. For example, a warm and friendly tone of voice may communicate friendliness and openness, while a monotone or hesitant voice may suggest nervousness or lack of confidence.

As Mylena Vocal Coach always says, “The voice never lies.” If you dwell on the words, tone, intonation, and rhythm, you will be ensnared by those who use communication to their advantage. Taking Inborn Voice classes can also help you learn how to listen to potential partners so you will always be able to unmask those who want to present themselves as someone they are not, not only in the case of a Speed Date, but in every area of your social and work life.

In speed dating, where participants have only a few minutes to leave a first impression, it is more important to take care of your communication skills than your physical appearance. Anyone can arrive at a speed date clean, perfumed and fashionably dressed, but the use of vocal expressiveness takes center stage. A confident, engaging, and expressive voice can make a positive impression on potential partners, while a hesitant, flat, or unenthusiastic voice can be less attractive and undo all the effort you’ve put into taking care of your physical appearance (and hours spent in the gym!).

I don’t like my voice, what can I do?

Many people reach us precisely because they do not like their voice. We help everyone fall in love with their voice by coloring it with emotion, a unique feature of the Inborn Voice method, but it is important to understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to vocal expressiveness. What one person finds attractive or engaging may not be the same for someone else. In general, the role of vocal expressiveness in speed dating is to help convey key aspects of one’s personality, emotions, and intentions and to facilitate positive social interactions.

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