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Voice resonates: choose carefully who you listen to to bring out your best

Voice resonates: choose carefully who you listen to to bring out your best

This is certainly nothing new: various branches of science, from psychology to medicine, have been saying for some time that moods are somehow “contagious” and are transmitted from one individual to another.

Those who are familiar with my work know that everything is vibration, so I am not at all surprised. The human voice carries so many secrets and this is one of the simplest. When you listen to the voice of a charismatic leader, a positive person, you are overwhelmed by positive energy and the desire to do and create is triggered. By listening to the voice of a negative or sad person, you lose the will to do or you increase anger and fear.

The study involved more than 50,000 people and focused on work productivity, but the data that emerged is also very interesting for those who are dedicated to improving the voice of people.

It’s not so much the presence of a person and their hidden “vibrations” that create this domino effect, but their voice. It is necessary for this person to communicate his or her malaise by voice so that the contagion can begin. In fact, if you put a negative person in a group and you don’t leave them the space to speak, they are typically isolated from the group, causing little damage. If, on the other hand, pushed by empathy, one “connects”, the matter changes. All the surrounding people are involved and overwhelmed by the negative vortex. Even the less empathic people, those who mind their own business, are involved. And trying to give “tips”, trying to help, will spread this contagion like wildfire, through the voice of those who have been exposed long enough to change its resonance.

Positivity generates positivity, as long as it is not enveloped by an aura of negativity. In fact, research has shown that negative opinions, sadness, despair, have a greater impact on the people around them than positive opinions, happiness, joy.

Our culture lacks training, the ability to avoid infection, diffusion or negative energy. In fact, the opposite seems true. We’re drawn to negativity. Some psychologists at Harvard University with whom I recently collaborated, have analyzed the link between emotional states, voice and relational patterns. They finally determined that “negativity” spreads just like a virus would. As they usually do, they also pulled out statistical numerical data. I find a good match for this data with my experience as a Vocal Coach. A positive person, with an untrained voice, can only increase the positivity of others by 10%, while a negative person can even duplicate the unhappiness already present in others.

So choosing who to attend, who to listen to, is fundamental. The more you interact with negative people, the more you absorb negative vibrations. Be careful, though. In fact, hostility is also a negative vibration, so it is useless to run away or deliberately avoid negative people, because it will only bring negativity to the environment. Our interactions act as a filter, you have to learn to listen to your Inborn Voice in order not to be affected by negativity and not to suddenly give up, all at once, our positivity because you risk to frustrate it.

Learn to listen is fundamental. It is important to understand how our voice can reflect negativity in order to be able to change it, with little tricks, and turn it into a happy voice. This is why it is fundamental to choose carefully who to entrust your voice to, both to communicate and to learn how to use it. Positive emotions are and will always be the best gift we can give to someone who is going through a bad time, but only if we are able to control our voice.

Have you ever tried to give a positive emotion to the right person, the resonant one? Try it and you’ll see that it will always come back multiplied, reinforced. You can deepen the subject by reading my website, reading my book The Way of the Voice or starting a training with me and the Inborn Voice method.

Inborn Voice in Italy’s Costa Smeralda

Inborn Voice in Italy’s Costa Smeralda

Every day we meet new people. Many times we don’t even care about them, we just ignore them. Other times, a connection is made, a magical one, which leads to deepening the relationship. Those who follow me know perfectly well that “chance doesn’t exist”, so it is always good to be aligned with your Inborn Voice to make something magical happen.

A long time ago, one of these people, a client and a friend, invited me to spend some summer time in her house in Italy’s Costa Smeralda, the most beautiful and magical place of the Mediterranean see. I usually prefer to keep my privacy and I rarely accept such proposals. But that time my Inborn Voice took me to Costa Smeralda, to one of the places where all the myth of those places was born: in Porto Rafael, the Aga Khan eritage.

I never imagined I would discover so many things related to me, to my work, in the warm and sunny Sardinia. Yet in the past I had already had several “calls” from those places, now so dear to me. Today, years later, even if the bond with those who brought me to Sardinia is no longer part of this world, it keeps beating, strong, always, like on the wings of a Winged Arrow.
The ancient traditions of that island hide so many secrets that it is worth deepening, for example the “Brebus”, an ancient Sardinian word that is pure magic..

Today came out an interesting interview of mine on a portal of the Costa Smeralda, I invite you to read it in english by clicking on the image above you will find the original interview with Mylena Vocal Coach in Costa Smeralda on the official portal (in Italian)

Here is the full translation:

The roots of Inborn Voice in the brebus, the ancient Sardinian words

Vocal coach Mylena Origgi teaches how to make the most of the power of voice

Everyone has something magical in their voice. Discovering it is the vocal coach Mylena Origgi, who as a child is bewitched by the Sardinian brebuses and when she grows up develops a revolutionary system to discover the transforming power of her voice.

“We can work on ourselves and free our voice, have a fascinating and true voice. There is hope for everyone: it becomes a reality to be able to speak and be listened to by seeing people hanging from their lips – says Mylena Origgi – let’s admit it: we all want to have a pleasant voice but it’s not just a matter of vanity, it’s not a fashion and yet the trend is clear: to exploit the power of the voice”.

Brebuses are those Sardinian words between magic and tradition that really seem to mark Mylena’s first steps on her journey of discovery of the extraordinary power of the voice. She is less than eighteen when a friend for her wedding asks her to sing the Ave Maria in Sardinian. The ceremony takes place in Milan with a large group of Sardinian guests who, after the excellent interpretation, ask her which part of the island she comes from. Mylena lives in Busto Arsizio from where as a child she stumbles between one series of coincidences and another: she is so fascinated by them that she makes the real sound of each one resonate. With her voice she probes the power of the force that is locked in each individual. She literally reveals the secret behind the incredible power of the sound of the human voice and teaches a method, infallible and effective. “Each one of us has a true and beautiful voice, we just have to be able to bring it out – Mylena Origgi is convinced – through my courses I tend to tune my voice to the will.

In short, she becomes a voice guru on a worldwide level, specialized in teaching how to bring out one’s true essence and to give confidence to everyone’s personal vocation because, it seems, there are no ugly voices but only bad spells to be broken. And from September 2020 her courses are expected on the Costa Smeralda where a strong esoteric bond with a friend demands her. But she doesn’t want to anticipate further.

Her method, which literally drives the Americans crazy, is called Inborn Voice and essentially speaks of a way to find our true voice, the one we are gifted at birth. The courses can be taken online. Origgi, who in these days around Europe and throughout the month of December has been in Milan where she held various workshops, will return to Boston where she now lives permanently, teaches and writes books, the latest La via della voce.

The secret of her success starts from her voice. For those who are neither singing nor hertz, the concept is much simpler and more intuitive: “The voice for me is given by vibrations that bring a different quantum frequency. It’s a resonance of vibrations compared to people – explains the coach – I’m not talking about the colours of the voice, for me it’s about expressing our soul”.

Pure energy that vibrates, in fact, goes through people, hitting them deeply, in the most instinctive and non-rational areas of the human being.

“My work consists in knowing the most intimate voice, through new energy, like the choice of a dress. How many times do we hear “I don’t like my voice”? My method is effective because it polarizes one’s will to improve. A positive step that moves from a need and the change can be radical. Every voice can be improved in an unlimited way, with the power you want depending on the time you decide to invest”.

This is a path that has been and still is a significant success in the United States: everyone turns to the vocal guru, from TV presenters to singers to show business personalities. “In Boston it is university professors who turn to me because their career depends largely on the voice that is able to influence the quality of teaching and learning: a teacher with a boring voice will have less successful students at exams. It is therefore a responsibility. A fascinating voice is reflected across the board in everyone’s performance.”

The voice has to do with a person’s success and status, but as long as a rule is respected. “It has to be true, authentic,” says Mylena. “No cheating, no acting, no faking. A theme very dear at the moment to the world of information but also to the Anglo-Saxon world. That’s why Inborn voice works because my talent is to bring out who we are through voice, maybe it’s a philosophical way but we have to start from ourselves, for me it has to do with a divine dimension to find a positive spiral. We need authenticity and trust: speaking with one’s own voice allows us to be genuine”.

There are also considerable benefits on a psychophysical level: “Vibrations always arrive: think of a butterfly that flies away fast. That’s it, even the voice gets to the deep part and settles in the body and realigns itself.”

So forget about vocalizing, ba-ba-ba exercises, this is a method to find the voice: “Listen and listen to yourself, finding a connection with yourself. For me there are words that I call “mantra”, they are the keys that each of us has and repeating them helps, then there are rejecting words that block us. My task is to recognize them by talking and working with the students, I want to work on self-esteem while it seems that sometimes everything is working around us to destroy it”.

And it seems to be working, as thousands of people turn to Mylena Origgi. Even here in Italy: from Giovanni Scialpi to actor Dino Spinella and Daniel Marangiolo of IPantellas.

She loves to travel and appreciates New Zealand culture because it opens up a total spirituality even if she feels far from shamanism, she doesn’t belong to it because the shaman connects to nature only through a transsexual state. “I remember at an initiation ceremony when a woman took me in the crowd and brought me to the center of a ritual, there were many of us, some tattooed Maori danced the haka and sang, I felt all the peace and the ability to protect a people with thousands of years of trust, the strength of a collective thought where not even the bee can hurt you”. He moves from the New Zealand culture his belief that everyone is able to descend, studying, as a team or alone, until you get to perceive his own internal and external vocality without any limit or boundary.

“Usually in the initial part I let myself be guided, I let the meeting resonate like that part of prayer that we call devotion. I am a free spirit without rules but with my own discipline. Those who come close to me have their own precise code, their own authenticity and beauty. I realize that it is a path of mutual attraction and that it is usually much easier to bring everyone back to their own inborn voice if it is precisely they who want it”.

She starts with a degree in languages so as not to settle for anything more than travelling and from Alaska to New Zealand, passing through Japan, her life experience becomes multi-faceted and polyglot, leaving a university career to follow what she calls her “childish resonance”. She doesn’t like to talk about instinct because instinct doesn’t have any aim, on the contrary, in order to be able to support certain circumstances, to work with certain personalities, the path can be really uncomfortable, the term guru seems to her the most suitable. “In Boston a Jewish student enrolled in a course of mine, with the aim of improving his voice, finally gave me back the sense of my work with rare clarity, saying that he understood that there is not only the voice that comes out but that there is the voice that is born together with every man. While a Harvard professor can surely confirm that the voice in the terminally ill is extinguished before any other light: the voice is vital energy”.

For the technical part of each course there are precise rules and modalities: “Everything must be allowed to develop within a path. Each cycle can last between 10 and 20 one-hour lessons, I have to choose you and you choose me. It is absolutely not said to happen even if word of mouth remains the most authentic and effective of the tools”.

And the word is out.