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  • What we can learn from Julia Roberts’s Inborn Voice to improve our acting and our everyday life

This is the fourth video I release about this new exclusive series on Patreon. If you missed the previous ones, just go to my new Vocal Coaching videos page. All of them will be in English, with captions!

This time I will talk about the Inborn Voice of Julia Roberts. I have received many feedbacks via email already, but I encourage you to leave them public, like commenting on Youtube or on this post. In this way many other people will be able to see my answer. I encourage you also to share this content on your social media. Never forget that sharing is one of the the only power you still have in this modern era!

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This video is about the Inborn Voice of one of the “top stars” of Hollywood, Julia Roberts. In this video, I will give you suggestions and insight to let you better understand the key difference that an Inborn Voice Training can take to improve your speaking voice, you acting and, never forget, even your everyday life and working career: we speak and express our emotions every day!

If you are considering to start acting, the very first thing you must understand is that acting or any other performing arts cannot be learnt via a book. If you’re taking classes and they are letting you study over a book, then you’re probably feeling that something is missing. You can always learn from human interaction, but again, you will have not to expect to be better than your teacher is. Only when you will be a master yourself you will be able to, eventually, beat your masters. So pay very close attention to who is teaching you how to use the voice. Check if they are actually ablet to use their voice or if they sound monotones, if they have a sleepy voice, or if they lack of this little “extra” kick that can make you learn something.

From Julia Roberts’s Inborn Voice for sure we can learn that we can do a little bit more, we can be a little bit more, it’s not impossible, everyone can try it.

What we can learn is also how to be romantic, how to express love, and especially how to be respected for what you are, to uphold our reputation with a firm and calm voice.

We can also learn how to light up ourselves with a smile. Julia is famous for her smile, I don’t know if this was a weak point for her or not, but is for sure now is the key of her success. When she smiles, she lights up, she boosts the energy, she is immediately romantic and give us happiness, joy. Even if a smile is almost voiceless, you can still express something to the others, if you are connected to your emotions and your Inborn voice.

A lot of people ask me “what can I do with my smile, I don’t like it”. Try to practice how to release your voice, your emotions. Don’t fear them, the outcome. Many girls ask me “I want to express my satisfaction, my appreciation, but I’m too shy”. Use a smile, it’s a treasure. Don’t bow your head or nobody will see you smiling!

We can learn also a peremptory voice, how to express that you are ready to fight, that you ask for respect. All your emotions, all your blood, all what you believe in, comes from the inside, the Inborn Voice. We can learn how to express irritation using our voice, how to let people feel you frustration.

There is always another layer, another nuance, we can add to our voice, when you are respecting it and you’re connected with your Inborn Voice. This does not happen in your head, but in your heart, deeper than your heart, in your Inborn Voice. When you will find your voice, the love for yourself, you will recognize it. Your Inborn Voice is a gift!

Here is a preview of What we can learn from Julia Roberts’s Inborn Voice by Mylena Vocal Coach


The full Vocal Coaching Session about What we can learn from the acting of Julia Roberts is exclusively available on Patreon.

The video will feature clips from these movies:

  • Mystic Pizza at 2:10 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id836392159)
  • Pretty Woman at 4:19 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id492172140)
  • Erin Brockovich at 7:31 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id280700731)
  • Eat, Pray and Love Clip 1 at 12:17 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id393457278)
  • Eat, Pray and Love Clip 2 at 15:07
  • Eat, Pray and Love Clip 3 at 17:53

and the What We Can Learn section at 22:22.
The full video length is 39 Minutes.

You can find the script for practicing at ScriptCity or ScriptFly. Remember that the movie transcript is not a Script. The Script includes notes and things that are in acting but not in the words.

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