Sooner or later everyone comes face to face with an uncomfortable question. The interviewer who asks the awkward question may be a journalist, an employer, a lending institution, for example during the mortgage application process at the bank.

Inconvenient questions are those that seek to expose us, draw us out or catch us by surprise. All of these questions assume something we want to keep hidden, that we are not proud of, or that is inherently confidential or damaging in nature to us or those we represent.

There is no doubt that being prepared for all kinds of questions and interviews is critical, but it is even more so when we estimate that the answer will determine much of our future.

You’re probably looking for the art of avoiding answering uncomfortable questions, i.e. the ones you’re afraid will be asked, but here at Inborn Voice we prepare you for that and more.

Which questions are uncomfortable and why do they challenge us?

Since lying is never an option for anyone, but especially for a successful manager, before proceeding further let’s look at some examples to help you better understand these types of situations.

In the job sphere it might be “I saw from your CV that you have been out of work for some time, how come?”. Again, the emotions in your voice will certainly not help.

The CEO or a top manager might be asked questions such as “How come you couldn’t get the results you promised?” or “Why didn’t you act as soon as the problem arose?”

In the media and PR sphere, these are questions that subtend to discredit the person or the company, such as “What can you tell us about the planned layoffs?”, “Can you confirm the negotiations for the acquisition of the company XYZ?” or “The new model has nothing new, are you in trouble with production?”.

How to prepare to handle uncomfortable questions

There are several techniques for slyly dealing with even the most uncomfortable questions, but we don’t advocate them. Thanks to the Inborn Voice method, you won’t need them. These techniques are those that you will surely have seen used in politics. These techniques are so overused that just seeing them hinted at is enough to raise suspicion and hypocrisy on the part of the listener, and this is the most important thing to avoid when you are the CEO of a large company, but also when you want to build a trusting relationship with an employer or a life partner.

In fact, it is better to be “present and aware” while the question is being asked in order to understand the underlying intention at a glance and thus avoid falling into an ambush or a trick question. In this respect, the Inborn Voice method can be of great help because the ability to listen to others and to one’s own emotions is fundamental in order to avoid responding instinctively or rudely to questions that only wanted to investigate an aspect of your life.

3 answers to avoid during an interview

  1. The non-answer
    The first technique we advise everyone against using, the most abused of all, is the “non-answer.” Nodding at the question without answering it, or ignoring it altogether, or even refusing to answer it. This choice is typical of those who want to hide something, as if they were really capable of doing so. In fact, a silence sometimes makes much more noise than a scream.
  2. Answering with another question
    Another technique to avoid is to answer the question with another question that challenges it or even makes the questioner look bad. This answer strategy is also unhelpful because it becomes a blatant admission of guilt, even when you are actually innocent.
  3. “Empty” or Partial Answer
    Finally, the last dangerous technique that we do not recommend you adopt when faced with a question that has you agitated is to give a partial or “empty” answer, devoid of content. All of these techniques are far from the Inborn Voice method because they have one basic premise: lie or be silent.

The Inborn Voice method to prepare for an interview

The Inborn Voice method has revolutionized public relations and media interviews, especially in the United States. It is no coincidence that it is the method of choice for politicians and managers of major publicly traded companies who are accountable not only to shareholders, but to the global marketplace.

When facing an interview, whether it’s a job interview or a press conference, it’s most important to prepare yourself to face the event in the right mindset, so as to draw on the best vocal and emotional resources to express and emphasize all the positive aspects with passion. Charisma and personality are all you need and thanks to the Inborn Voice method you will have all the tools you need to build them along with your self-esteem.

Sometimes it’s enough just to show confidence and firmness to avoid “uncomfortable” questions being asked. And even if they do appear, you will have learned to listen fully to the person asking the question and tune in to their emotions. In this way it will be easy to answer even the most uncomfortable question, without conflict, with honesty and calmness. The truth is a powerful weapon, but only if it is supported by the right voice, otherwise it becomes a double-edged sword that no trick or stratagem can avoid.

Here is a backstage of an interview with Mylena Vocal Coach conducted for RAI in New York.

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