Verbal communication, increasingly underestimated, is an intricate maze of verbal and nonverbal signals, yet it remains at the heart of real social interactions. Every verbal interaction goes beyond the content of mere words and is infused with a universe of emotions, driven by the invaluable resonant power of the Inborn Voice. Among all these factors, delicately balanced with each other, we also find the dark shadow of lying, often fueled by frustrations and disconnectedness with one’s Inborn Voice.
In Inborn Voice method created by Mylena Vocal Coach emphasizes the importance of revealing to ourselves, all our emotions, especially the deepest and most hidden ones, in order to fully understand the truth behind all communication.

The Biological and Social Roots Of Lying.

Lying, often considered a moral aberration, actually has its roots in human social evolution. Through the succession of generations, the ability to manipulate and present a distorted truth has become a useful quality to determine one’s survival or even social success. It may be for this reason that today, at a time when socio-political society is in an emotional-expressive desert, that more and more people understand the importance of our Inborn Voice. Mylena Vocal Coach, with her unique vision, aims to unveil the existence of the Inborn Voice and teach how to listen to it, providing everyone with the tools to understand and navigate the complexity of increasingly rarefied human interactions.

The Complexity Of Communication: Words, Emotions and Lies.

The superficiality of words, even the simplest and most commonly used ones, such as yes and no, hide within them a vast ocean of emotions, often ignored or neglected because of the frenzy of modern life. It is precisely in this immensity that our Inborn Voice, the very essence of human communication, resides. Through method and careful guidance, Inborn Voice and Mylena Vocal Coach invite students to dive into this emotional sea, to begin to reveal the hidden truth behind every spoken word.
Today, those who understand and consciously choose to regain ownership of their emotions and their Inborn Voice will not only be able to glimpse the key to deciphering the authentic meaning of every interaction, but will also have a way to become a person to follow and imitate, i.e., to be “successful.”

The Role Of The Inborn Voice In Understanding Truth.

Inborn Voice Coaching is more than just a technique: it is a journey to discover one’s deepest identity. Through targeted exercises and expert guidance, people learn to recognize their emotions, release their voice, and let their Inborn Voice resonate. During this process of discovery and exploration, a new awareness related to the connection between emotions and communication begins to emerge. This is the beating heart of the Inborn Voice and Mylena Vocal Coach approach: not only developing communication skills, but also embracing one’s authenticity and identity: the personal brand.

Artificial Intelligences and the Concept of “Lie”

Artificial intelligences are increasingly emerging as key players, used especially by those who ignore the importance of emotions in personal interactions. In fact, a report written by an AI proves perfect only at a superficial level, but not to the experienced ear of those who can read between the words. In fact, these entities, while lacking emotions connected to an identity, are capable of “deception.” AIs can also manipulate information to succeed in achieving a goal. This raises important ethical and moral questions about the role of AIs in human communication and underscores the importance of a more widespread understanding of human emotions and their Inborn Voice.

Conclusions: The Human Need to Lie and the Manipulative Trends of AI.

The human need to lie is a reflection of our deepest vulnerabilities and ambitions. Through work with Inborn Voice and Mylena Vocal Coach, individuals can begin to explore these hidden motivations, thus paving the way toward greater authenticity and awareness in communication. Likewise, the same people will become able to understand the emotions of others and thus when and why they are lying. It is only by embracing the complexity of the Inborn Voice and human emotions that we can hope to wisely navigate this intricate maze of contemporary communication.

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