The Power of Voice and Vibrations for the Interpretation of the Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca practice and the Inborn Voice Method are two totally separate things, but both can have an impact on individual consciousness and expression. In addition, the Inborn Voice Method has already proven over and over again that it can effectively and comprehensibly decode the “visions” and revelations that can be received during an Ayahuasca ritual.

What is Ayahuasca Practice

Ayahuasca is an ancient shamanic ritual involving the use of a plant-based drink traditionally consumed in some indigenous cultures of the Amazon for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. It contains psychoactive substances that can induce intense experiences and visions. It is not uncommon for participants in Ayahuasca ceremonies to report having visions or extraordinary experiences while using this drink, but it is very rare for the experience or the assisting shaman to be able to provide decoding or some sort of guidance to unravel the skein of information received.

It is important to note that the experience with Ayahuasca is highly subjective, and the visions and sensations experienced by an individual can vary greatly. These experiences are almost always cryptic and extremely difficult to interpret. In fact, everyone experiences something unique, and often the visions are complex as well as symbolic. It is extremely difficult to even tell, to describe these kinds of experiences to others.

This practice, in recent years has become more and more popular, and although we would recommend against this type of experience, thanks to word of mouth Mylena Vocal Coach has further strengthened her nickname of Guru, as more and more people seek her out to be able to “decode” the messages and visions they receive. Where language fails to capture the intensity and complexity of what is experienced during these ceremonies, comes the Inborn Voice with its deeper expressiveness.

Mylena Vocal Coach and the Inborn Voice Method to the rescue of Ayahuasca

The Inborn Voice Method developed by Mylena Vocal Coach is an approach that focuses on the use of voice and sound to express emotions, experiences, and one’s identity in the professional and interpersonal realm. This method is known for its ability to help people release their emotions and express themselves through the sound, frequencies, and resonances of the voice, unlocking creative and personal potential that has been blocked for some time.

What has the Inborn Voice Method to do with these “mystical” experiences? What makes the Inborn Voice Method unique is its ability to translate emotions and inner visions into audible sounds and words that are clearly recognizable to the trained ear. People who follow this method can experience a deeper connection with their inner selves and a greater ability to express their inner experiences through the voice and its frequencies. This process can help make tangible and understandable experiences that might otherwise remain inaccessible or difficult to communicate, such as those that flow from Ayahuasca.

One of the interesting aspects about the Inborn Voice Method is that in its deepest development it possesses, according to those who have experienced both firsthand, the ability to induce a state of consciousness similar to that experienced during Ayahuasca ceremonies, while not requiring any psychotropic substance.

It is important to note that these two approaches are very different and may not be directly comparable. The use of Ayahuasca is often considered a spiritual and therapeutic practice with deep cultural roots, while the Inborn Voice method is a contemporary approach that relies on vocal frequencies and resonances, which can be measured at the quantum level, and inner vocal realignment.

The Power of Voice and Vibrations in the Translation of Inner Experience

In the quest to understand the world around us and our inner reality, we often encounter mysterious and deeply personal territory: the world of dreams and visions. Dreams are a vehicle for exploring the human psyche, in which visions, emotions, and sensations merge into a kaleidoscope of unique experiences. Now we will see how Mylena Vocal Coach manages to translate, through the Inborn Voice method, these visions into emotions and emotions into “deep” information that can reveal truth or guide choices.

The Voice as a Bridge to the Dream

Voice, through words and its sound structures, is our main means of communication and expression. When we attempt to describe a vision, we use words to convey the images and sensations we have experienced. Words become the bridge between dream reality and everyday reality, creating a link between two different worlds.

Vibrations and Emotions

Every word we choose, regardless of its conventional meaning, carries with it a vibration, an energy that can evoke emotions and feelings. When we describe a vision, we instinctively choose words that resonate with the emotions and sensations we felt during the experience itself. These words act as a bridge not only between worlds, but also between the emotions experienced and the verbal interpretation of those emotions.

Translating Visions into Emotions

It is precisely at this stage where the expertise of Mylena Vocal Coach manages to “read” between the vibrations and re-present the experience with new, totally enlightening keys. Words alone cannot completely paint and express the essence of a vision, but they can carry the emotions outward. The sound of the voice carries with it the vibration of that experience and convey the emotion that has been felt to Mylena Vocal Coach. It is not necessary to understand the words or even the language.

Emotions as Gates to Deep Information

Emotions, carried by the words used to describe a vision, serve as keys to access the deep information that resides within us, in our “Inborn Voice.” Emotions are often the vehicle through which we can explore our deepest desires, fears, needs and insights. Words, with their vibrations, open these doors and enable us to explore the meaning and truth hidden in transcendental experience.

Driving Choices and Revealing the Truth

The insightful information revealed through consultation with Mylena Vocal Coach can have a significant impact on our lives. They can guide us in making choices, enabling us to better understand ourselves and our priorities. They can also reveal hidden truths that may have long been buried. The voice, through its vibrations and emotions, becomes a tool for inner exploration and personal growth.


The power of the Inborn Voice Method in the process of translating visions into emotions and then into deep information is a subjective and personal experience. Each individual has his or her own unique way of using voice to explore his or her inner reality. The Inborn voice method, with its ability to evoke emotions, is the bridge that connects the “higher” worlds and that of the tangible, allowing us to explore beyond our psyche in deep and meaningful ways.

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