If you want to understand the world, consider it in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla

Visionary genius Nikola Tesla, with his exceptional scientific insight, offered the world an intriguing perspective on the universe and everything around us. His famous statement “If you want to understand the world, consider it in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” represents a key idea that opens the door to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe. However, shifting the gaze from Tesla’s macroscopic theory to the interiority of human experience, an interesting connection emerges between his principle and the complexity of human anatomy, particularly the human voice, hearing and human thought itself (so-called brain waves). These crucial aspects of the human life experience reflect the depth and precision of Tesla’s words, highlighting the universal power of energy, frequency and vibration.

The essence of the human voice is forged by the harmonious interaction between energy and vibration. Each word emitted is the result of a complex symphony of vocal vibrations, produced by the interaction of the vocal cords and the flow of air through the larynx and nasal cavities. These acoustic vibrations carry the power of human emotions, thoughts and ideas, becoming a form of energy that propagates through space and time. The richness and depth of human voices represent the tangible expression of the connection between energy, frequency and vibration, demonstrating how the universe is intertwined with our very existence.

This is precisely why the Inborn Voice method has been referred to in multiple university researches as “Quantum,” meaning that the results that can be obtained cannot yet be explained scientifically, but are clearly measurable even by computers that are not as sensitive and “resonant” to the human voice as our ear.

Indeed, human hearing, which is based not only on the perception of sound waves but of something else intangible, further underscores the importance of energy, frequency and vibration in the context of human experience. The human ear is a sophisticated receiving instrument, capable of picking up a wide range of frequencies and transforming them into neural impulses that the brain interprets, we don’t know how, but for sure not just as distinct sounds. This delicate process demonstrates how sound energy, through various frequencies and vibrations, can shape our understanding of the world around us. The variety of vibrations and especially resonances that the human ear can perceive, from gentle melodies to thunderous thunder, reveals the universal power of frequencies and vibrations in shaping our sensory perception and connection to the environment.

The measurement capabilities available to us are not yet sufficiently developed. Certainly an artificial intelligence can learn to recognize the presence of occult diseases simply by “listening” to a person speak, but there is much more to it. Exploring the connection between Tesla’s phrase and human brain waves becomes evident. Brain waves, which represent the electrophysiological activity of the brain, are categorized into different patterns based on frequency. From the energetic waking state to the peaceful serenity of deep sleep, the various frequencies of brain waves reflect different states of consciousness and human mental activity. This is valid even when listening to an unfamiliar language because some important information still gets through, just by listening. This report emphasizes how the energy and frequency of brain waves are intimately related to our awareness and ability to understand and interpret the world around us.

In summary, Nikola Tesla’s profound statement about energy, frequency and vibration finds significant resonance in the human voice, hearing and our thinking.

Deep emotion and voice are closely related to each other. The resonance they create is evident in many contexts. Here are some examples to better understand, how even words have been adapted to express deep and quantum meanings:

  1. Joy: When a person is happy and joyful, his or her voice reflects this emotion through bright tones, spontaneous laughter and a lively rhythm. The voice can become brighter and full of energy, conveying a sense of lightness and lightheartedness.
  2. Sadness: Conversely, in times of sadness and sorrow, the voice may become more subdued and monotonous, with lower tones and lacking energy. Sadness may even be reflected through non-sounds, such as deep sighs.
  3. Anger: When a person is angry, the voice may become higher pitched and aggressive, with a rapid pace and high volume. The intonation may become sharper and more direct, with words spoken sharply and in a tone that reflects tension and frustration.
  4. Fear: Fear often manifests itself through a trembling, uncertain and anxious voice. Tones may become higher and the voice may sway, highlighting the insecurity and inner tension that accompanies this emotion.
  5. Love: When a person expresses love and affection, the voice tends to take on warm, soft and gentle tones. Words can be spoken softly and tenderly, with a slower pace and a soothing melody that conveys affection and compassion.

These examples, simple and within everyone’s reach, highlight how emotions affect the modulation and pitch of the human voice. Clearly, the Inborn Voice method goes much deeper into these concepts, elevating them to “quantum” levels that are difficult for the uninitiated to understand, in order to find the key useful in unlocking these frequencies and realigning them in the totality of the individual. We have been demonstrating for years that the voice is not only a means of communication, but also an authentic reflection of our inner emotions, enabling others to perceive and understand our deepest and most complex emotional state.


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