Identity and Socialization: The Importance of Voice and Expressiveness

Understanding the importance of the relationship between personal identity, socialization skills and vocal expressiveness is not for everyone. Mylena Vocal Coach has been the advocate of affirming one’s identity through voice for over 30 years because she has always been aware that socialization plays a key role in shaping identity development and vice versa (also discover the “Identity and Voice” Workshops) The impact that socialization skills have on emotional and identity development is decisive and precisely why it influences the way individuals speak and transfer their emotions to others. It is a cycle that can become vicious or virtuous, and the defining factor lies precisely in understanding that just mastering one’s voice is enough to begin to define one’s identity, with it self-esteem and eventually also achieve excellent socialization skills for both friendship and romantic relationships.

Understanding the socialization process

The socialization process plays a crucial role in shaping individuals within a society, influencing their self-esteem, behaviors and even voice.

Importance of socialization

Socialization is crucial because it helps people to engage with others, understand the dynamics and their expectations. In this way they learn, through feedback, how to manage all subsequent interactions and social relationships.

Factors influencing identity and socialization

  • Family environment: The family ( parents and grandparents) are the first testing ground where socialization is experienced. Actions such as imposing silence, respect or listening will shape early strategies and behaviors.
  • Educational institutions: Schools and other group situations operate in the same way, creating homogeneous groups of people who practice what they have learned in the family environment. Here it can happen that the family model is either reinforced or denied, blurring one’s identity.
  • Media influence: Social platforms and televisions influence one’s identity by shaping the viewer’s perception of reality, creating illusions or unsustainable lifestyles.

Socialization and cultural differences

Socialization is influenced by cultural, historical and geographical factors. Each society has unique norms, values and social structures that shape the socialization process. Here at Inborn Voice we are fortunate to work in international settings, helping people also understand and manage these differences. Understanding the socialization process is essential to further develop one’s identity and integrate oneself into a society that is different from the usual one.

Personal identity shaping

Personal identity formation is a complex process, certainly influenced by socialization, but always modifiable. The Inborn Voice method helps develop a series of positive feedbacks that helps strengthen personal growth and individual identity development. Let us now examine the key factors and distinctions between social and personal identity.

Role of socialization in identity development

Socialization is a key element in personal identity development because it provides positive feedback and negative feedback. Individuals develop or diminish self-esteem only through interactions with others. By internalizing this feedback, individuals construct an identity that does not necessarily reflect their Inborn Voice, or deep identity.

Influences on individual identity

Individual identity is the result of chance and interactions with family, peers, education and cultural background. These elements all play a significant role in influencing individuals’ perceptions of themselves and their place in society. Everything can change through Inborn Voice training that aims to realign the deep identity, which each person can perceive in his or her self, and that which we are able to express every day at work, in the family, or in society.

Social Identity and Deep Identity

While social identity usually encompasses the roles individuals occupy within society, deep identity has unique characteristics and qualities that define an individual beyond current social roles. If you feel like a tiger in a cage or a needle in a haystack, we can help.

Impact of socialization on emotional development

Understanding how socialization affects one’s emotional development and thus one’s ability to communicate one’s ideas to others is critical to understanding why some people achieve success in what they want and others do not. Inborn Voice is a Coaching method aimed at developing the soft communication skills of the voice to allow one’s deep emotions to emerge between words. When a person begins to let these emotions surface, everything changes. A series of positive feedback mechanisms begin that will define your new identity, your Personal Brand. And it will be something truly unique and unrepeatable, facilitating all subsequent socializations with a positive spiral.

If you are interested in deepening the hidden potential of your voice and defining a new identity, contact us or book an Inborn Voice assessment session.


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