If you have read my book, you know that people start losing control over their Voice, and their Inborn Voice, when they start to lie. The problem is once you realize you’re unconsciously lying, it seems impossible to stop.
The more you try to stop it, the worse the situation becomes.

So how you can start using your Inborn Voice once again? Baby steps. It’s all about the art of using your Inborn Voice.

Here are 10 tips that may help you get on the right path without any help, but if you still feel any help is needed, then contact me or my staff for a voice assessment.

  1. Pay attention to what you are saying at every moment.
    This may seem a stupid tip, but it’s not. You and your voice probably are in a kind of “autopilot” mode. You say words without even knowing it. Bad words and complaints are just the tip of an iceberg.
    Simply start paying attention. Be aware of the present and your voice. The more you will be present, the more you will “hear” your voice saying things. Don’t try to take the control, just listen. Your hearing sense will start to waken at that moment. Just tune yourself in listening to your voice, as it happens
  2. Accept that your voice maybe not yet under your control.
    Whenever you try to take under control something inside you, you’ll start to realize that this is not possible. It’s like trying to put out a fire with more fire. Like people that try to meditate using their mind. You try to stop a single thought and suddenly more than one is peeping out. It’s simply not possible to control your brain “using” your brain. Like pretending to use a smartphone app to track your “screen time” over the smartphone itself. Just the act of checking it, to see if you’re doing well or not, it affects the outcomes. Once you become “neutral” and indifferent to what you’re voice is saying, then you’re removing emotions from your voice, removing also “energy” from it.
  3. Start accepting that everything you need, is already inside you.
    Start realizing you’re perfect. If something inside you is there, there is a reason. Don’t hide it just because, in the past, someone has let you feel “wrong” about that. Once you accept the first two points, you will start hearing your voice saying new things. It will stop “filling” the air with bad vibrations and will start to show your Inborn Voice. And it will carry out what you need to seek out to find inner resonance, or so to say, inner peace.
  4. Learn to discern your Inborn Voice from what is happening.
    To finally free your Inborn Voice, you’ll need to deeply understand you’re not in control, you’re not the lord. You’ll realize there is so much more than yourself and that you’re a part of the whole. All the things that will truly matter to you, from within you, are readily available if you listen to Your Inborn Voice. This step will show you that whatever your Inborn Voice says, it is going to happen to you if you just let it flow.
  5. Trust your Inborn Voice.
    Sometimes your Inborn Voice says something that your mind, not your soul, find completely impossible. That’s because your mind is trying to give you a reality check based on past experiences. But the past was the result of trusting the power of controlling your life to the mind. This should put you at ease. The mind is not able to discern the incomprehensible. You need to have faith in your Inborn Voice to see doors opens and dreams unfold. With time you will build pieces of evidence that your Inborn Voice never fails you.
  6. Smile and be more positive.
    Once you reached this step, it will be easy to be an optimist. That’s because now you’ll believe your Inborn Voice and you will act accordingly. Instead of focusing your brain focus on how things could go the wrong way, you’ll start using your brain to be prepared for the things that could go in your favor. And your voice will change. You’ll find yourself almost without bad words and without complaints. Remember that complaining is just a lie in disguise.
  7. Start to be grateful.
    You’ll start to be happy with what you have and stop desiring and concentrating on what someone else is “teaching” you must have to be happy. Right now this seems impossible, but there are people out there that are way happier than you and they have literally nothing. Not even something to wear. Once your Inborn Voice will “teach” you that you don’t need chasing things you don’t need, you’ll be happy, trust me.
  8. Start noticing the negative thoughts and the complaining of the others
    This will be difficult. Remember that people resonate. You’ll have to start noticing without resonating. Like a moth going near a fire. Don’t be too close. just enough to be aware of the fire of someone else mind. Don’t be involved. Don’t fall in the trick of the mind. You can’t help. But you can show them. Show them that is possible to stop complaining and lying. Just show your behavior. If they see your “light”, they may be following.
  9. Listen to other people’s voices and try to spot their Inborn Voice.
    When you concentrate your soul, not your mind, to someone talking, you’ll start to listen not the words, but the emotions. You’ll start ignoring the voice, the sounds, but just listen to the emotions. You’ll start spot people trying to convince you, trying to push you, to entice you. All sorts of “mind control” will be around you because people use the voice to get other people to do what their mind wants. Just be focused on your Inborn Voice and you’ll discover a new world.
  10. Practice, practice, practice.
    Remember: you spent all your life since now using your voice, your emotions and your mind in the wrong way. Give yourself almost the same amount of time to put your communications skills the right way. This will start with baby steps, but after some time you’ll be able to walk alone and even run.

I hope you like this post and you’ll share it. Remember that “liking” is a message you send to me. Sharing is a message you send to the one you care.


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