Virtually everyone, at least once in their lives, has experienced the excitement of having to speak in front of a small or large audience. A birthday, an exam, a job interview. Some have been shocked, others thrilled. A lot has probably changed since that first time, and if you are looking for answers related to public speaking, you probably belong to the former category.

Don’t worry, here at Inborn Voice we help hundreds of people just like you every day who are wondering how to learn public speaking, where it is possible to take one of our courses, or how to speak in public without getting flustered. We would like to say right away that our approach differs substantially from that of the mainstream. In fact, for us it is more important, indeed fundamental, to make yourself understood by everyone: no one else will educate you on how to make yourself understood, how to deliver your message with authenticity.

What does it mean to make yourself understood by everyone?

So many people take courses to “Speak Effectively and Become Persuasive in Public,” but then on the practical side they always find themselves playing a part, using catchphrases and ultimately all looking alike to each other. A small army of clones, all the same, all boring. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

This is not what we want and this is not what we teach in Inborn Voice’s public speaking courses. To make yourself understood by others you don’t need miraculous techniques, catch phrases or other tricks “of the trade,” you just need to be yourself and have clear ideas. If you have ideas to communicate, that’s all you need.

We will prepare you to communicate them in a natural and authentic way. If you have no ideas but just want to “sell” hot air, then catch phrases, fancy words, are for you. But then don’t be surprised if the results are poor.

Becoming masters of your own voice to improve communication

If you have ideas, communicating them to others is not always easy, especially when you have stage fright, when you are overwhelmed by anxiety, or when you are wasting precious mental energy putting into practice all the “secret techniques” you were taught at one of the many Public Speaking courses you have already taken and that did not help you at all.

That’s why here at Inborn Voice we give priority to making you master your voice so that you can convey your message in an understandable and recognizable way, without gimmicks or acting. You don’t need to be a performer to do that. On the contrary, all the emotions you experience are crucial to convey your message fully and reach the audience. If something is so important to you that it elicits strong, blocking emotions, then the Inborn Voice method is for you.

3 secrets to public speaking without freaking out

  1. Be yourself.
    Do not try to copy someone else’s style, phrases and attitude, because you will overload your thinking, which will become less lucid and clear, even to yourself. You are unique and interesting, even if you are not yet aware of it. Why conceal your true added value?
  2. Don’t copy or mimic others.
    There is a good chance that your listener has already seen the original or some of his or her “copycats.” Depending on the case, this will either lead the listener to get bored and distracted from your message, or he will form the wrong first impression about you. Will he think you are a rip-off, that you are unoriginal, or that he has already seen what you are showing him?
  3. Treasure your emotions.
    Those who claim that emotions can be eliminated or controlled at will through the mind are lying knowing they are lying. Your emotions are your deepest part, your trump card, your Inborn Voice. Just communicate them to others in a natural way. Since no one has taught you how to do this yet, you think they are “bad” emotions, something to hide. They are not. All the greatest, in every field, have been successful precisely because they were driven and guided by their emotions.

How do you learn public speaking?

Anyone who has a problem with public speaking, or thinks he does, is actually perfectly capable of it; he just has a problem with self-esteem or experience. He does not know his potential and may not even know he possesses it.

Mylena Vocal Coach is the world expert in this field and can grasp in an instant all the untapped potential of the human voice. The word “learning” essentially means “taking possession.” All of us are already capable of public speaking. With the Inborn Voice method, you will be able to eliminate the blocks that prevent you from doing so and that are all rooted in your mind.

Your mind, lies to you, telling you that you are unable to do something that you actually already know how to do. So avoid solutions on how not to fidget when speaking in public, but how to use the emotional energy at your disposal to express your message with strength and determination.

You can deepen the topic by reading the secrets to speaking well and making yourself understood

The Inborn Voice method for public speaking

Have you noticed how the word “convince” is used so often and how the equation Convince = Persuade has opened up in your mind?

Convincing does not at all mean Persuading people that what you are saying is “true.” If you yourself are not convinced of what you are saying, it will be impossible to convince anyone else. This is why so many public speaking courses are predestined to fail right from the start.

Here at Inborn Voice we always go into the bottom line. We don’t teach something generic, we don’t dispense miracle recipes. Our work is tailored to individual needs. For each person we go to identify what are the issues that prevent natural expressiveness and what are the motivations behind the desire to stand out from the crowd.

This is precisely why we always start with an initial voice assessment session that will lay the foundation for any future training, whether it is group or personal.


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