If you are looking for de real tips and “secrets” for speaking well and especially making yourself understood, you have finally found them. 

If you have already tried to educate yourself on this topic, you have surely noticed the repetition of solutions and explanations that have nothing to do with “speaking,” that is, using your voice, and especially with making sure that you have been understood: you will have found more tricks and wiles that do not consider at all the way you speak.

Tips for speaking fluently

You will probably have seen these tips many times before, we include them to give you a critical point of view, but you will have guessed by now on your own that they bide their time.

  1. Speaking with confidence: everyone would like to be able to do this, but at the practical side willing to do something and being able to do it by speaking and presenting is anything but easy. Expressing confidence and determination with a quivering voice, during respiratory apnea, with high sweating and zero salivation, is simply not possible. One must first master the voice and one’s expressiveness to then express confidence!
  2. Making eye contact: nothing more senseless. We all know perfectly well that we can get moved just by listening to a song or watching a movie where no one is looking us in the eye. The voice is able to convey emotions without trickery or artifice, you don’t need anything else. Before we waste time looking people in the eye, we need to be able to convey to others the emotions that make us strong (and not the unpleasant ones we experience during decisive moments).
  3. Planning everything in advance: here we even go into the ridiculous. Preparing everything serves no purpose other than to overload your brain with unnecessary things. Have you ever seen chess players talking? Thinking about the next moves is incompatible with talking. Especially since if something does not go as planned, and it always does, especially if the voice does not respond to your intentions, you will panic. Before you can unleash logical thinking, you need to learn how to make your intention flow through words and grasp other people’ s intention from the first moment.

These tips are probably valuable, but not for an ordinary person, who still does not master his or her voice and does not have sufficient self-confidence to handle it even at “important” moments.

These tips assume communication skills that most people lack and that are the basis of interpersonal communication, of the effective transmission of an idea, of a thought, between two or more human beings.

Exercises to improve the way you speak

Since every one is different, we recommend that you read more below about how to receive a professional online voice assessment with Mylena Vocal Coach. If you want to learn how to give public speeches and be understood by everyone, please read this post.

Always remember that technique is only a small part of vocal communication, encompassing much more important facets all related to expressiveness. The first step in improving one’s voice, which is managed by a large number of phonatory and facial muscles, is precisely to do exercises capable of “awakening” and “training” all these muscles.

Exercises to strengthen the tongue

The tongue is an important muscle because it determines the speed and clarity with which you are able to speak.

Here are some simple exercises to help strengthen often neglected movements, to be done in three sets of five repetitions each, without hurting yourself:

  1. Stick out your tongue and extend it gently. Smoothly move the entire tongue downward, resisting on the teeth, trying to keep it “flat and straight.”
  2. Repeat the previous exercise in the opposite direction, that is, lifting it upward, again trying to keep it flat while gently resting on the upper teeth.
  3. Repeat the previous exercise this time moving the tongue to the right.
  4. Repeat the previous exercise this time moving the tongue to the left.
  5. Use the tongue to “feel”, one by one, all the teeth of the upper and lower dental arch, holding the tongue in place on each tooth for a few seconds.

Exercises to relax the jaw

Sometimes the problem is not muscles that are a little out of condition; in fact, the opposite is true. Some muscles, such as those in the mandible/jaw, tend to be tense all the time, so it is necessary to relax them.
Here are some simple exercises to relax the jaw, also to be done in three sets of five repetitions each, without hurting yourself:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror or use your smartphone to watch yourself as you gently open and close your mouth, trying to move your jaw as parallel as possible, without tilting to one side or the other.
  2. tay with your upper arch separated from your lower arch, with your mouth closed for a minute. In practice, the tip of the tongue may pass between the teeth.
  3. Keep the tip of the tongue in contact with the top of the palate for one minute, without it resting between the teeth.

The Inborn Voice method to improve the way you express yourself and imprint emotions on your words.

As you may have guessed, to speak well and be understood, you don’t need to choose words or have perfect diction.

You can even be a novice in a foreign language and make yourself understood just fine. What is needed is the ability to connect to one’s deepest emotions, one’s Inborn Voice, and then let it shine through the voice. It does not take help to recognize an artificial voice or to understand a cry for help.

Voice goes beyond words and is our best business card. This is the key to the success of the Inborn Voice method. Do you know how to use the power of your voice? If you would like to assess your current expressive abilities, you can book a voice assessment session, or use the contact form below to ask for more information about our private vocal coaching classes.


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