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Before TEACHING others, it is necessary to acquire new knowledge while thinking about those already known to everyone.

Welcome to Inborn Voice - Online Vocal Coaching

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my website.

You've probably already read or seen something about me or my ideas about voice training and vocal coaching, maybe reading my books or visiting some partner websites.

I'm Milena Origgi, aka Mylena Vocal Coach, one of the most famous and renowned vocal coaches in Italy, Europe and from 2015 also in the United States, particularly on the East Coast and in the Los Angeles Area.

This is, in any case, a good thing, because the first step to gaining knowledge is to review the notions that have been taken for granted, with the hope of being able to understand them to their most intimate essence.

I will try to emphasize as well how it is always possible to learn in the correct way how to use one's voice to bring it back to its natural expressiveness.

The hectic lifestyle of the contemporary society we live in leads us to skip the very best aspects of our existence, including our voice, often at the expense of our health, time and even money.

The philosophy of the Inborn Voice training method is closely linked to the technical aspect of phonation: it could not be otherwise! There is a deeply unbreakable link of interrelation between these two elements: just as Yin pursues Yang under the fundamental principle of Taoism.

Logo Inborn Voice

Here on the left side and at the top of each page, you will notice the trademark logo of Inborn Voice, which evokes the symbol of the ancient Tao.

I have chosen this symbol because the philosophy that supports my voice teaching method helps to understand the technique and vice versa. In other words, without the right philosophical approach, it is not possible to understand for oneself when the vocal technique is correct or not, making every attended class or course probably useless. Only by following the correct approach it is possible to find the perfect harmony between ourselves (i.e. who sends the message) and who listens to us (who receives the message).

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Why a new voice trainig Method?

How many people can't stand their voice?

This is one of the crucial points any Voice Education can lead to success or failure. Sometimes you have a whole series of voice-related issues, from hoarseness to continuous sore throats, but no one stops to consider that perhaps everything is just because you no longer recognize yourself in your voice. This can occur in many ways, but essentially there is always dystonia between the perception of oneself in the unconscious, the perception of oneself in the reality of the external world. This is also linked to parts of one's personality that have been removed during one's psychophysical development.

Without delving into boring details, I would like to stress the meaning of the word Method as people often use it inappropriately, thinking of something else.

The Dictionary reports several meanings, all suitable for me.

It first mentions "Procedure to guarantee the satisfactory result of a job": here we see the essence of the Inborn Voice method, that is to guarantee the maximum satisfaction to people who entrust themselves and their voices to their Vocal Coach.

Secondly, it reports "Logical and mental structure with which a problem is solved": this meaning is also useful for the understanding of why Inborn Voice is a training method. It is necessary to have a philosophy that guides the entire training path to ensure the resolution of any voice issue. I meet people more and more often who want me to solve the voice issues that have arisen after what they have learned in the past.

Thirdly, it mentions "Exercises studied in such a way as to simplify the learning": this is probably the meaning that everybody unconsciously gives to the word "method", but as you have seen this is only the least part, which has as its purpose to simplify what must be learned, not specifying what.

As you will find out by reading this website, it is even more important to remove any bad learning and bad habits. Many of the natural expressive abilities of our voice are rediscovered by eliminating any errors that may be present, to restore the complete mobility of the phonatory apparatus and the perfect elasticity of the vocal cords. Only by getting back to using your Inborn Voice will you be able to make your personality flourish again at the full range of nuances that were already present at birth.

Your voice can be your mask

My method, called Inborn Voice, will reflect the reality of your self and make it evident to the other people, eliminating any illusion or mask, making your personality and charisma flourish.

This step may seem difficult to understand, but after reading more of this website, your understanding of it will change and you will begin to realize that most of the problems you encounter every day are caused by incorrect use of your voice.

At the same time, we must not forget that everyone is forced to listen to "his/her" voice at every moment of their life, even while they are just pondering in their head: in abstract terms, the voice is nothing more than our internal vibration, the one on which we resonate. Not recognizing oneself in one's voice is a serious issue that must be solved at any cost.

At first, everyone is looking for a remedy to change, to heal, their voice and over time everyone realizes that there is no solution because the medicine can cure and alleviate the symptoms, but do not address the causes.

The first step towards 'healing' is to stop looking for a remedy and begin to speak the voice with which you were born and not the one you have unconsciously tried to copy from other people. The hardest and most difficult thing that everybody has to do to accept the reality of their voice to stop comparing themselves to other people. The road to self-acceptance is not paved with gold and teaches us to ignore anyone who may judge difficult choices, to return to the origin.


Mylena Vocal Coach