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vocal coaching for people and businesses who would like to improve their expressiveness and communication skills

 Every success or personal achievement is strictly connected to the moment of our birth. We all feel it is our calling, but it is easy to lose it as we grow up. If you want to retrieve its power and balance, the Inborn Voice is the key to reconnect your true self and feel alive.
Inborn Voice is mighty! 

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Voice is like a business card, do you stand out?

Inborn Voice is an innovative and groundbreaking vocal coaching method that was developed by Milena Origgi more than 30 years ago. Milena started her career at the age of five as a wonder girl in Busto Arsizio (Italy). Since that time, she has always wanted to explore the magical power of the human voice and has dedicated her life to it. After many researches and travels around the world among native peoples, she discovered that exists only one way to use the voice able to touch this power: what she calls "Inborn Voice". ...

Bespoke Vocal Coaching & Classes
Choose an option and you'll find one-on-one training and classes.

Voice Training for Business

Improve your Communication Skills

Improve your Communication Skills

  • Executive
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Customer support
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Voice Training for Business

Improve your Presentation Skills

Improve your Presentation Skills

  • Lecturer
  • Keynote
  • Interview
  • AudioBook
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Voice Training for Business

Improve your Team Building Skills

Improve your Team Building Skills

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Listening
  • Meetings
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Voice training to socialize

Improve your Communication Skills

Improve your Communication Skills

  • Shyness
  • Anxiety
  • Empathy
  • Self-confidence
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Voice training to socialize

Improve your RelationShip Skills

Improve your RelationShip Skills

  • Romantic relationship
  • Address children
  • Friendship
  • Job Interviews
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Voice training to socialize

Improve your Entertainment Skills

Improve your Entertainment Skills

  • Acting/Singing
  • Voice Over
  • Youtube/Podcast
  • Toast speeches
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Voice Realignment
Improve your Voice Awareness

Improve your Voice Awareness

  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Mantra/OM tuning
  • Find your voice
  • Quantum energy
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Voice Realignment
Improve your Motivational Skills

Improve your Motivational Skills

  • Visionary/Influencer
  • Politician/Rallies
  • Teaching/Guiding
  • Credibility
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Voice Realignment
Improve your Emotional Skills

Improve your Emotional Skills

  • Convey Emotions
  • Being Receptive
  • Life Makeover
  • Life Balance
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Customer Results Testimonials

Improving your voice will give you so much more than just improving your conversation skills: it will lead to better personal relationships in all areas, including your career and work environment. Take some time to read or watch the testimonials we have received from all over the world.

  • I started working with Milena a few months ago, after being gifted my first lesson with her. I do not even know how to explain what happens inside of me when we talk... It's something so moving and so MAGICAL! I am starting to notice so many changes I was longing for. I am finally beginning to discover the real me, blossoming from within. Thank you Milena for everything so far... I look forward to many more lessons and discoveries from working with you! Not only are you helping me find my voice in business, but also within my family relationships and friendships near and far. I am forever grateful and highly recommend!
  • I was looking for a voice teacher after several attempts gone wrong, and I found myself on an incredible path of human growth. not only has my voice been transformed in terms of sound and tone, but also from an energetic and vibrational point of view. I discovered that famous "true inner self" of which I had read so much in books but never tried personally. I thank Milena because with the path we did together we were able to release several potentials that I didn't even know I had and above all to eliminate those subconscious self-sabotage that we all have.
  • From the first lesson I had immediatly felt benefits from our face to face and later from our online lessons. She guided me with love, grace and professionalism though a 360' changes of my life. From a unsatisfied person to ME, my true self. Her method can not be defined, you have to LIVE it! I can spend hours talking on how many amazing things I have been experienced with her guidance and how my life is getting better and better in all its aspects from the professional, to my personal (self esteem) to relationship etc. She is honest, professional, respectful of who you are talking in consideration that everyone of us is UNIQUE and has its own 'INBORN VOICE'.
  • Very proud to recommend Milena Origgi. Her enthusiasm and passion she brings to her amazing, life-altering voice coaching has proven to be successful worldwide. Milena has been sought out by higher learning institutions to teach and present her invaluable lessons. If you are someone who has difficulty speaking, presenting to large groups, struggling with job interviews, and more, Milena can help to turn your life around for the better. I have heard several testimonials on her behalf, and Milena does make a difference.
  • Hi everyone, I was very happy to have met Mylena, thks to whom I have been able, at the age of 59, to start Singing and to even play a guitar, I would have never believed that everyone can actually sing, even someone like me :-), always felt embarrassed but now I really feel comfortable and I do not scare anymore in singing with friends, would love to recommend Mylena to whoever would like to learn and start Singing songs :-) Ciao Tony

No second guessing. No compromising

30+ Years of Experience
When it comes to vocal coaching, the experience is the most valuable asset you can provide to clients. Experience saves your time and your money!

23.000+ Online Sessions
We pioneered online training in the late 1990s and we still have state-of-the-art infrastructure and skills that allow us to offer the best possible experience.

Serving 13+ time zones
We are proud to serve customers across all continents, seamlessly managing over 13 time zones, from Hawaii to New Zealand.

3 Studio Locations
We currently run three studios: Boston (US), London (UK), Milan (IT). We plan to open three more in the near future: New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Trusted by Universities
Mylena was the first Vocal Coach ever named as Topic Expert for a Communication Skills Course at the U.C.S.C.. Today many universities are showing an interest in our unique approach.

3 Published Books
Mylena's first book was a best seller, with over 9,000 copies sold. Her latest book, "The way of the voice", is now available in all bookstores. We feature a free ebook right here.

3+ Spoken Languages
Mylena Vocal Coach offers sessions in English, Italian, French and Spanish. She has also some basic understanding of Japanese and Russian.

Holistic Voice Training
The inborn voice is a unique voice training method that fuses many disciplines, from Eastern medicine to quantum physics. We take the human voice to a new level.

Don't sure what to pick? Start Here!

Start with a Voice Assessment
That's what we call Bespoke!

  • 45 minutes Voice Assessment with Mylena Vocal Coach
  • Get professional feedback on your Voice and your current communication skills
  • Define your goals and motivations to tailor your training
  • Enjoy some personal Tricks and Tips to use right away, no additional training is required!
  • State of the art Online experience, with Full HD Video and Audio
  • After the assessment, Mylena will plan with you one or more training path to reach your goals
  • No obligations, no contracts, ever!

Still have questions?
Contact Us!

We are able to customize any training plan to suit your personal or company requirements. We take care of Voice at 360° and we do not leave anyone unsatisfied.

  • All requests are handled directly by Mylena Vocal Coach
  • We adhere to all privacy laws to protect your personal informations
  • You will receive a reply as soon as possible
  • Please check for our reply also inside the spam folder
  • Classes start when minimum number of participants is reached, ask to enter the waiting list to reserve your place.

Learn more about Inborn Voice
and Mylena Vocal Coach:

  • The art of Keeping a Healthy Voice - Milena Origgi
    Free eBook!
    The Art of Keeping a Healthy Voice

    Take the opportunity to download one of Mylena Vocal Coach book "The art of keeping a healthy voice" for Free, a value of $14.99!

    The ebook includes: ● Mylena's Vocal Coach Five Golden Rules ● 28 Practical tips ● 25 Testimonials ● and much more!

    Learn more
  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    The Way of the Voice
    A secret is hiding on everyone’s lips

    Milena cares so much about the well-being and expressiveness of people that she has already written more than one book on how to use voice and free human interpersonal skills. Her latest book, the way of the voice, explains in simple and understandable words what it is and how to tap into one's inborn voice to drastically improve one's way of expressing oneself and experiencing life.

    Learn more
  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    Exclusive training videos
    available for Patrons only

    Milena continues to be a pioneer of digital media. In fact, she has just launched a new training service over the Patreon platform. For a small fee you can access exclusive training videos ranging from how to use your voice in acting to how to communicate in the financial world.

    Learn more
  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    A real vocal coach
    finally on Youtube

    Until now it was impossible to find a real vocal coach on youtube. Mainly you find singing teachers or critics who do not teach anything handy or who, even worse, invite you to experiment with techniques that are dangerous for the health of vocal cords. Mylena Vocal Coach makes available on her channel real vocal coaching paths suitable for anyone who wants to improve expressiveness and communication skills.

    Learn more
  • La via della voce - Milena Origgi
    Mylena runs Workshops
    all around the World.

    Maybe your call is not for one to one lessons, but one-day event. Then our Workshop will be your deal. We run Workshops all over the world in big cities like Milano, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles.

    Please contact us to be among the first to know when the next event near you is scheduled. Eary birds save huge!

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