Workshop: Your voice, your identity – New York November 12, 2023: Master your vocal expressiveness, love your voice and assert your identity

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Mylena Vocal Coach
Workshop: Your Voice, Your Identity – New York.
Master vocal expressiveness, love your voice, and affirm your identity.

November 12, 2023


09:30 – 17:00

November 12, 2023 – from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The workshop will take place in the center of New York in a hotel easily accessible by metro/train/airplane.

Number of Attendees
The event is a closed number event, limited to 25 participants.

The Workshop is priced at 899$. You can reserve your place now with only 150$ down payment. Contact us to learn about installment options and, for a few people only, the opportunity to attend just the morning for half price.

Workshop run in English and led by Mylena Vocal Coach.


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On November 12, 2023, we will hold the next edition of the longest-running Inborn Voice® workshop ever: Your Voice, Your Identity. An full day event dedicated to the Inborn Voice method for those who want to master vocal expressiveness, return to loving their voice, and affirm their identity.

The workshop will be hosted by Mylena Vocal coach, who will arrive on purpose from the US. Mylena is the creator of the Inborn Voice method and collaborates with several universities around the world, including the Catholic University of the Holy Heart, where she has been awarded the position of Topic Expert in Communication Skills and Personal Development. Her work has been featured by major Italian magazines, including ELLE, VOGUE, Millionaire, l’Impresa (Sole 24 Ore group), as well as major television stations.

The workshop is related to the Inborn Voice method and the research presented in the book “The Way of the Voice: A secret is hiding on everyone’s lips”

In this one-of-a-kind event, Mylena Vocal Coach will immerse you in the most hidden part of your voice, to the point where you will touch the root of your identity, i.e., the “Personal Brand.” The event focuses on experiencing firsthand, through practical exercises, the holistic side of the Inborn Voice method. That is, a new key to understanding the human voice that requires no special background or skills. Anyone can attend!

Water, paper and pen will be provided to all workshop participants.

The only equipment you will need is a yoga-type mat and/or a blanket to perform exercises on the floor.

Use the form found below to request more information or to reserve your place now! The Workshop is limited in number, with a maximum of 25 Participants attending. It does not include theory, slides or presentations: only practical exercises from the Inborn Voice method, suitable for all ages.



Registration opening



The workshop begins with a welcome by Mylena Vocal Coach .



Lunch break of 1 1/2 hours. (lunch not included)



Second part of the Workshop with Mylena Vocal Coach


Workshop Conclusion


Schedules are for information only.

Milena Origgi

aka Mylena Vocal Coach, has been advocating for more than 30 years to affirm the unbreakable link that exists between voice and the emotional sphere.

She is the founder of Inborn Voice®, an innovative executive voice coaching method that focuses on removing what has so far been learned and is counterproductive or hinders personal expressiveness, and not on teaching outdated and potentially dangerous phonatory techniques.

Born in Italy, she began her career with her first studio in New York. Her fame then spread across the Channel, leading her to open a second studio in London. Finally today she lives and works in her third studio in Boston (USA) .

She has written several books and with her latest, “The Way of the Voice – A secret is hiding on everyone’s lips“, she explains why the voice is the best-hidden secret of so many people who have achieved success in both their personal and professional lives.

Linkedin profile of Milena Origgi.


To enroll

Admission to the Workshop is available to all, but places are limited to 25 participants. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can sign up at the last minute; it is best to reserve your space with a down payment of only $150.

You can request more information by filling out the form found down below or by using the contact form found on each page of our website. You will be contacted by our staff at the email address you provide, so make sure you spell it correctly!

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New York
Registration Deadline

01 November 2023 – 23:59


By attending, you expressly agree to all of our Terms and Conditions, particularly those related to Privacy, which include the prohibition of audio/video recordings and online dissemination of the event content.

Photo and audio-video recording

By attending the event, I confirm that I understand, in accordance with Article 96 of Law 633 of 1941 a that photos and audio-video recordings, taken as part of the event in question, are prohibited and/or that their dissemination by any technological means and for any purpose will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Here some Linkedin Testimonials

Information request form

Access to the workshop is now open for everyone. No previous training is required.

All communication will be done towards the email address you will provide.
We will not contact you via phone or text unless there is an emergency.

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Surname: *  

Year of birth: *  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there age limits to attending this event?

Minimum Age 16 Years. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What transportation/parking options are available?

The hotel will be located near public transportation services and the subway line, so it is easily accessible from Train Stations or Airports. Paid parking is also available in the area. Those who reach the hotel by car are encouraged to contact the hotel directly to find out the best parking strategy.

What to bring/not bring to the event?

Only a yoga-type mat or blanket should be brought along, nothing else.

Is the ticket individually named?

The ticket is not named, but if someone comes in your place we need to be notified in time.

Should I bring a printed copy of the ticket?

No need, the confirmation code, the email on the smartphone or an ID can also be fine.

Will I be reimbursed if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled by us, you will ha ve option to choose to receive a full refund or a future workshop voucher.

Where can I find the sales conditions?

All our sales conditions are on this page, Contact us with any questions or needs you may have.


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