In the highly competitive arena of public speaking and online content, everyone competes for attention, each promising a hidden gem, a secret revealed or a life-changing insight. In reality, every word spoken carries weight, every pause demands attention, and every story cries out to be heard. Amid this flurry of words, there is one cardinal sin: burying the lede.

Now imagine you are attending a live event or watching an infomercial video. Your gaze is stretched forward, clinging to every word, eager to grasp the essence of the speaker’s message. But alas, the part that interests you, the part that compels you to stay attentive, is buried under a deluge of words, lost in a labyrinth of entirely superfluous details.

This is the dangerous pitfall of those who choose to bury the lede, the most important information within the narrative, leaving listeners to sift through the clutter in search of clarity. But the truth is that in today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are short and the demand for concise and impactful communication is ever increasing. Don’t be fooled by marketing experts or fads, because these change!

So if you indeed have to prepare a speech, presentation, or video be it marketing, divulging, or entertaining, it is important to commit to bringing out the power of our voices by embracing a fundamental principle: start off on the right foot and don’t tease your audience. The habit of withholding crucial information until the very last moment, forcing viewers to endure a tedious journey to reach the promised revelation is detrimental.In today’s age of short attention spans and instant gratification, audiences want clarity, transparency and, above all, respect for their time.

What is the Lede?

The term “lede” (or lead) originates from the newspaper industry, referring to the introductory section of a news story that summarizes the most important information. It refers to the opening sentences of a speech or presentation that absolutely must encapsulate the essential information right from the start, so as to lay the groundwork for what follows without too many frills or fears of turning off the audience.

The Art of the Lede: Crafting Captivating Openers

Creating a compelling opening for your speech requires skill, creativity and a keen awareness of your audience. Here are some strategies to help you master this art:

  1. Get to the point: Brevity is your winning tool in a world awash with information. Eliminate information overload and deliver your core message in an extremely concise manner.
  2. Spark Curiosity: A well-structured message must stimulate curiosity and engage the audience from the outset, not necessarily reveal its content entirely. Formulate thought-provoking questions, share unexpected statistics or offer eye-catching images to grab listeners’ attention.
  3. Focus on Impact: Focus on the core of your message. What do you want your audience to take home? Highlight it from the beginning to ensure that the speech leaves an indelible impression.
  4. Inject Emotion: Do not hesitate to appeal to emotions. This is the highlight of the Inborn Voice method! Whether it’s humor, empathy or inspiration, infuse your speech with elements that resonate with your deepest emotions so that your voice can convey them intact to your audience.

The pitfalls of Burying the Lede

Now let’s consider the consequences of trying to hide the main message within your speeches to try to artificially “lengthen” its duration.

  • Lost Attention: If the audience cannot grasp the essence of your message right away, they may become discouraged, or reduce their attention (perhaps falling asleep!) and you will miss the opportunity to share with them the valuable perspectives you have to offer.
  • Diminished Impact: Postponing the delivery of the main message weakens its impact. By burying the main part, you risk diluting the power of your speech and failing to leave a meaningful impression.
  • Missed Opportunities: An unnecessary premise hinders your ability to inspire emotion. Whether you are persuading, motivating or informing, clarity and conciseness are essential to move your audience to action.

Conclusion: Unleash the Power of Precise Communication

In the world of public speaking, clarity is king and correctness is queen. By mastering the art of introduction and avoiding covering up key topics, you unlock some of the potential of your voice and improve your communication. It should never be forgotten that vocal communication is much more than diction, pauses and whatever else you can find anywhere. Do not be distracted by too much repeated information: only your Inborn Voice can emphasize your identity, uniqueness and Personal Brand. So the next time you take the stage, remember these tips and embrace brevity, stimulate curiosity and you will see your message emerge powerfully, capturing your audience and leaving a lasting impact.

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