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NewYork meets Milena Origgi

NewYork meets Milena Origgi

On February 12, 2019 I will be in Manhattan, New York City, to present my work and my latest book to the city and the press. The event will have media coverage also by RAI International, the Italian Television!

It is with great honor that I have been invited to dialogue with Francesco Semprini, a journalist from La Stampa, to present my method, Inborn Voice, and my research on vocality and vocal coaching to the most famous city in the United States. In fact, the subtitle of the invitation reports “a journey towards a revolutionary experience”.

I will also take this opportunity to present the English version of my latest book, the Way of the Voice, in which I show a new way to reach enlightenment and personal success: the one of the voice.

The event will take place at the Urbani Truffle Lab, to combine the Italian nature of truffles with my “excellence” in the field of Vocal Coaching”.

If you happen to be in the big apple at that time, contact me and if possible I’ll get you an invitation!

Mylena Vocal Coach interviewed by ELLE magazine

Mylena Vocal Coach interviewed by ELLE magazine

Mylena Vocal Coach has a three-page interview in the April issue of Elle magazine, explaining how her passion to be the most effective voice teacher in the world has led her to offer online lessons to clients on all continents. She truly is a “Voice Guru”.

The title of the interview is “In search of the Inborn Voice”, which is the voice “that everyone has ‘inside’ and would love – but we are not able to – let it emerge. Mylena Origgi, vocal coach from Boston, teaches how to find it again. This is not only for professional  singers or speakers. Everyone can free the inner vibration and discover their real essence’.


«Many people do not love their voice, maybe because they feel it sounds ‘unclear’ or ‘uncertain’. Voice can mislead personality: a ‘childish’ voice can be an issue if you are a CEO. If you have a shrill voice, everyone will mock you and you will be named forever as a ‘looser’, especially in the USA where competitions and challenges are ruling the society since preschool».

The inborn voice is the means to take back to the «’real’ voice, the one you had before all the social and cultural conditioning of the past. Inborn voice will let you wipe away all the defects that have ‘ruined’ your voice. After the training you will be able to express your emotions once again. Sometimes clients need just few lessons to reach their goal (like removing an accent), sometimes the path can be longer. My work is delivered in three different areas: technical, emotional and voice realignment. Your Inborn Voice is the one that lets you laugh or cry even when you are simply reading a book. Sometimes people are not able to explain why they are laughing  or crying. That’s because they are not able to understand the language of their Inborn Voice. The same apply for men and women that are hard or somber and not able to feel anymore emotions: they have simply buried so deeply their Inborn Voice that they are not even able to hear it as a whisper». 

«If you think that a Vocal Coach is useful only for singers, you are wrong. Voices sell, earn trust (if you are in business), and voices calm, caress. I have client ranging from teachers to therapists, from voice over artists to actors, from lecturers to youtube stars, retirees willing to overcome voice aging and even everyday moms that want to stop shouting to their loved kids».

If you click the Elle magazine cover image, you will be able to open a preview of the full interview!

If you want to dig more what is Inborn Voice and what to expect from Mylena’s Workshop, here is a little video:


Mylena Vocal Coach interviewed by CNBC

Mylena Vocal Coach interviewed by CNBC

This is the transcript about Mylena Vocal Coach interview by CNBC about being a voice Guru.

The term GURU define a special kind of teacher, one that knows and perfectly understands a specific art form.

Milena Origgi’s Art form is the Voice and she is a Vocal Coach!

Loving and caring for her voice since childhood, Milena understood very early that the Voice was her unique talent.

Then her Voice became a powerful instrument, first to define herself, her identity and then the hidden Essence of her clients and students.

She has even created a Training Method from her unique vision, naming it Inborn Voice.

The Inborn Voice method deals in everything that is related to the Voice at 360°.

I don’t work with the Technical aspect of the Voice alone.

I go deeper and embrace the full potential that human Voice has to offer.

According to Milena, our Voice is the only way we have to let people listen to us.

By first listening to your own Voice, the same voice that everyone else can hear, but more importantly, by listening to your Inborn Voice, the one that lives inside of you and that only you can perceive, you start to understand who you really are and let the world accept that.

It is important to learn how to live in awareness of your voice.

One of the mile stones of the Inborn Voice Method is Vocal Realignment™

It is achieved through the realignment between the vibration that lives inside us, our Inborn Voice, and the vibration of our voice in the outside world.

It may seem like a path designed only for vocal professionals like singers, voice over artists and actors, but it works for everyone else as well.

The method is really useful to anyone who want take back their voice or discover their real voice, to become assertive or to overcome big obstacles.

When someone is interested in improving their voice, either the one they use to speak or the one they feel inside, I help them to express through their voice something that is exactly in tune to what they feel inside.

This process is useful not only for singers, actors and voice over artists, but also for managers and everyone who relies on their voice to make a living, like therapists, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, moms, parents, couples.

I started very young. When I was 6/8 years old, I became aware of my talent. But then, like everyone else, I followed an academic path, and when I was 25/26 years old I started fully committing to the world of voice training.

Now I have almost 30 years of experience, but it all started with my extreme curiosity.

It was my curiosity to meet different people, new type of sounds and vibrations, new languages, new accents and finally new emotions, that has driven me to continuously change the country that I live in.

Now I think I will stop in Boston because it is one of the cities that I love the most.

Milena’s first dream was to sing. But it was only in adulthood that she has fully understood that her talent was not related only to her own voice, but also to the voices of others.

She has the gift to unlock other’s people voice and to help everyone to find their voice, to help everyone to gain the inner strength
directly from the source: the Inborn Voice.

Today, thanks to her career, she travels all over the World studying sounds and vibrations  from different cultures.

Thanks to her second book, soon available in English, “La Via della Voce”, she has made this new type of voice training available Online.

Today Milena has conducted over 17,000 Vocal Coaching Session.

In 2016 she was given the title of Topic Expert in Communication Techniques from the University of the Holy Heart in Rome.

It is a Course that has been recently added to our University curricula just to give the students the opportunity to be prepared to speak in front of the public .They have to overcome stage fright and Voice Training plays a fondamental role in this.

We are trying to introduce a new type of university course with the participation of business and vocal experts helping the students become aware of the powers hidden inside their voices.

Vocal Coach, Topic Expert, Voice Guru, or Voice-Tuner, as she defines herself.

Milena “fixes” people’s Voices.

She transforms the voice into the balance point between soul and body.

I’ve been gifted with the talent of being a voice-tuner and in this role I understand what to do and when to do it to “fix” someone’s voice.

I travel the world all year round and despite that I always had time for my wife, my sons and to play sports.

My life is full of sports like skydiving, snowboarding, tennis, bicycling and archery.

I met Milena over the Internet and I started with some suspicion, without giving her too much credit.

At that time, I was not comfortable with my voice, but with every lesson I was more and more confident.
She was even able to make me do what I considered impossible: sing!

This was something I was missing in my life, which was already full of other satisfactions, and I was very happy to be able to sing
because my father was a good singer.

Milena was able to instill in me the trust and the willforce to do it.

With Milena’s method people are able to attain greater self awareness and greater expressive capabilities

through a path that identifies the talent hidden inside of their voice and emotions.

All this allows for their inner self to bloom!