Words leave emotional scars

Do you remember the last time you were seriously hurt? Unless it was something particularly traumatic and severe, it is probably not easy to bring back the memory of it. In fact, when the physical pain fades, with it begins the process of removing it from memory. Even the most frequent aches and pains, for example mosquito bites, are forgotten within days of the last sting. Yet some pains are still present and firmly rooted in your daily life. Which ones? The pain experienced from being laughed at, rejected or unfairly insulted, even by strangers is something you do not forget. The wounds inflicted by words, even among children, often leave deeper and more lasting scars than those that are left on the skin.

In fact, exist emotional scars, and all it takes is a resonance, a vibration related to those moments to make them resurface as if they had never gone away. For example, when we feel depressed, when something has gone wrong, or when someone we have relied on passes away. In these moments all the wounds inflicted by the words of the past come bleeding back, yet sometimes we don’t realize it at all. We forget what was said to us, who said it, yet the wound inside us continues to resonate, to vibrate strongly.

Words can leave permanent wounds in your life. They don’t have to be hurtful words, but once inflicted, these wounds remain. Certainly it is possible to “heal” them with a training with Inborn Voice Voice Realignment®. For example, the first time you were bullied stays with you forever. Perhaps today you have yourself become a person capable of hurting through words, or you prefer to remain hidden and avoid confrontation. In either case you are not expressing your full potential, and the Inborn Voice Method can help you express it.

The scars left by words are hidden from the eyes of the beholder, sometimes even from the people who got them. Yet you may have realized that some people are able to spot them and have a special gift for making use of other words to “twist the knife in the wound,” causing you to change your mood in an instant with a single “word.” Inborn Voice Coaches are trained to recognize your wounds, to look closely at your heart and soul, to help you heal these wounds once and for all. You can choose to continue to ignore these scars or face them once and for all with the help of one of our Coaches.

Some of these scars, often the most painful, are self-inflicted. They are the echoes of past sorrows, nightmares, and recurring ghosts that somehow lead us to say words aimed at denying our happiness, turning what we fear and what does not exist, into everyday reality. Yet you should have learned that these scars, once healed, make us stronger. Now that you have learned how to deal with pain, how to survive in torment and how to breathe hard, you know that there is a way to break this.

If you have a dream or wish in life, remember to be kind to yourself. Remember to teach your children to be kind to themselves. No one in the world will love you more than yourself. Fill the Contact Form down below or Book a Voice Assessment with us to learn more about out Voice Realignment®.


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