When dealing with problems, very often people tend to use what is called “convergent thinking.” You may have always received the same advice from many different people, yet somehow you have found that it is not good advice. In fact, when you think with other people’s heads, you often find yourself on paths that lead to places you did not want to go. Let’s see how our Inborn Voice can help us in all these cases.

However, what is meant by a “problem”?

Sometimes we are unable to find a solution to the problems that plague us precisely because we are unable to express them fully through communication and our own voice. Problems can be of various natures and complexities, e.g., technical, relational, organizational problems, etc., but being able to express them to others, is not a simple matter. In fact, “convergent thinking” is also present in those who express their discomfort, often repeating words and emotions they have heard before. Not for nothing does Mylena Vocal Coach always say that complaining is contagious.

First of all, it is good to clarify internally, where communication is certainly easier, what the real problem is, what negative emotions are involved, and what resonances are creating malaise. Your Inborn Voice is a powerful tool that will surely help you identify, without a shadow of a doubt, any problem. Then it will be your job to voice it, charging the right words with the right emotions, so that you can convey it to others so that they can understand it and perhaps help you find one of many possible solutions.

Voice and divergent thinking

Once the problem has been identified, it will be necessary to understand what causes we can control and what effects we can alleviate. This is where creative thinking comes in. Creativity is the ability to generate new, original and innovative ideas and solutions without relying on others’ experience. Creativity is a process that can be trained and developed, but to do so requires mastering one’s Inborn Voice, without fear. In particular, one must have the courage to express one’s thoughts to others, without being afraid of being judged or criticized. Uniqueness and diversity are the greatest advantage available to you, never forget that.

Creativity and divergent thinking are thus a voice outside the mainstream, that is, an ability to express oneself and think outside established habits. This ability can be very useful in both professional and personal life, as it enables one to deal with complex situations with an innovative and creative approach.

For example, in the world of work, divergent thinking and creativity can be useful in dealing with organizational or technical problems. In these cases, divergent thinking allows many possible solutions to be explored, while creativity allows innovative and original ideas to be generated. This can lead to effective and innovative solutions that can make a difference in the market and competitiveness.

But creativity and divergent thinking are not only important in professional life. In personal life, these skills can also be very useful. For example, they can help overcome difficult times, find new solutions to problems, or develop new passions or interests. In addition, creativity can be a fun and rewarding activity in itself, allowing you to express your personality and develop your imagination.

Give voice to your identity

In conclusion, problem solving is often found by expressing to others one’s point of view, one’s emotions (so not only thinking, but also divergent emotions). If you already know these ideas but cannot put them into practice, we can help you with some Inborn Voice Coaching.In fact, verbal communication skills come through voice and emotions. If your voice does not support you or your emotions have become too quiet contact us, we can help.


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