Course: Introduction to Professional Voice Training and the Inborn Voice method – 28 October 2021

Mylena Vocal Coach

Course: Introduction to Professional Voice Training and the Inborn Voice® method – 28 October 2021

Event Date

28 October 2021

Event Time

19:00 – 21:00 CET (Rome)

28 October 2021 – from 19:00 to 21:00

Online Course

€ 179.00 – Payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer

Course in Italian language run and hosted by Mylena Vocal Coach.


In the business world, and especially in order to improve yourself and advance your career, it is important to present yourself to your client, supplier or employer in the best possible way, as you speak. Clothes don’t make the man, everyone knows that. With over thirty years of experience in the professional arena, Mylena provides you with the skills and expertise of multiple professionals at once.

The course will take place online and is open to all and we recommend that you participate with your team or colleagues. The course will focus on the professional aspect of the Inborn Voice® method and will involve everyone in both personal and group exercises.

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Welcome greetings to everybody



Brief theoretical introduction to Professional Vocal Training by Mylena Vocal Coach.



Beginning of the practical session with the assignment of exercises to be performed in groups or individually.



Final Course Feedback




Milena Origgi

aka Mylena Vocal Coach, has been fighting for more than thirty years to affirm the indissoluble bond that exists between the emotional sphere and the voice.

She is the founder of Inborn Voice®, an innovative vocal coaching method that focuses on removing what has been learned so far that is counterproductive and hinders personal expressiveness, and not on teaching outdated and potentially dangerous phonation techniques.

Born in Busto Arsizio (Italy), she began her career with her first studio in Milan. Her fame then spread across the English Channel, leading her to open a second studio in London. Finally today she lives and works in her third studio in Boston (USA).

He has written several books and with her latest, “The Way of the Voice: A secret is hiding on everyone’s lips“, she explains why the voice is the best hidden secret for so many people who have achieved success in both their personal and professional lives.

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Access to the course is open to all, but seats are limited. Once the maximum number of participants is reached, registrations will be closed.

Registration is required on this page: sign up now by filling out the form that you find here below. Once registered you will be contacted by our staff at the email address you entered in the registration process, so check that it is written correctly!


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Online event
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21 October 2021 – 23:59 CET (Rome)


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