The total cost of coaching training: better the “one-size-fits-all” approach or the “bespoke” tailor-made approach?

In the increasingly fast-paced world of professional and personal training, the traditional idea that “whoever spends more saves more” is finally undergoing a renaissance. It has often been found that, especially in the coaching industry, the real value of an investment in personal training cannot be measured only in terms of money spent, but rather in terms of tangible results and the actual time saved. We will now explore the concept of “Total Cost of Training (TCT)” and how a “bespoke,” i.e., more “artisanal,” personalized and attentive Vocal Coaching approach offers the best return on investment considering effectiveness in the short and long term.

Waste of Time and Standardized Risks

Too often, those seeking personal improvement encounter coaching programs that follow a standardized, the same for everyone, rather “assembly-line” methodology. These programs take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, repeating the same teachings to all clients, without considering individual needs. This methodology, although it may seem cheaper initially, often results in a significant loss of time for those who, instead of receiving tailor-made support, end up dealing with topics they already know or that are poorly suited to their specific situation.

The Bespoke Approach to Vocal Coaching

In contrast to this, the Bespoke approach to Vocal Coaching focuses on the individuality of each client and puts each person’s specific needs at the center. Inborn Voice coaches build bespoke training paths tailored to the unique aspirations, goals, and challenges of their individual clients, even in group sessions. Although the initial expense may be higher, tailored pathways offer a return on investment that becomes evident and tangible in the short term, giving feelings of personal satisfaction.

The total cost of training (TCT)

That is why today, we are introducing for the first time to the world, the concept of “Total Cost of Training (TCT),” which we propose as a standard evaluation tool to reflect on the actual economic impact of a training course. TCT takes into account not only monetary expenses, but also the time spent unnecessarily on “package teaching” and even the career and personal interrelationship opportunities lost in the process. A “bespoke” approach, although requiring a larger initial investment, can drastically reduce TCT over time, enabling individuals to achieve their goals more efficiently and radically, with a very pleasant naturalness.

Time As A Valuable Resource

However, in a world where time is the only real precious resource, saving hours spent on ineffective training courses becomes a critical aspect of TCT. Bespoke coaching aims to optimize time by providing focused instruction and relevant exercises, thus avoiding the dilution of energy in unnecessary activities. Tempus pecunia est!


The choice between the “one-size-fits-all,” assembly-line approach, and the bespoke, i.e., tailor-made, approach to coaching results in a reflection on the “Total Cost of Training.” Although the standardized approach may seem more cost-effective to the novice, bespoke coaching proves to offer faster, relevant, and longer-lasting results. The real challenge is not the initial cost, but the total cost of learning, which goes beyond monetary value and considers the value of time, energy expended, and most importantly, missed opportunities.

According to the latest ISTAT report on vocational training, the competency considered most crucial by Italian companies is “interpersonal skills,” up sharply from the previous report, yet the actual improvement of this skill within the staff who attended the “same for everyone” courses is so insignificant that it is described as “not measurable.” In contrast, those who have taken individual courses or Inborn Voice corporate workshops have reported increases in interpersonal and communication skills that go beyond 100 percent, especially for the senior class.

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