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Speech for the Communication Skill Course 2017 at the UCSC

Speech for the Communication Skill Course 2017 at the UCSC

Here is the transcript about Mylena Vocal Coach video session at the Communication Skill Course at UCSC as Topic Expert:

Good morning everyone!

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Milena Origgi. I work as a vocal coach in Boston (U.S.A) and I want to thank the University Cattolica and professor Roberta Virtuani for the opportunity to speak about the hidden powers of the human voice and its implications in this Communication Skills course.

Poor communication skills can result in missed opportunities in life as well as professional and personal frustration and failures. But the good news is good communication skills can be trained!

Probably some of you will feel uncomfortable because of the so-called “language barrier”, but right now by taking this course in English you are already bringing your communication skills to a new level! You can study a foreign language perfectly in class, even pass the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (T.O.E.F.L) with good results, yet, when the Voice takes over, in the real world, with real people, the game changes.

All you knowledge seems to vanish and you feel like you are no longer able to express your thoughts.

Everyone has experienced this difficulty in learning a new language but the same happens with all the others communication skills, even in your mother language! We are all capable of becoming a great communicator in any language just don’t take your vocal abilities for granted.

Everyone needs to learn!

Let’s analyze some technical prerequisites of verbal communication, so you can better understand what are your strengths and where you have to improve:

1) Sufficient intelligence and knowledge.

This sounds obvious but is not! We are the only beings able to communicate in a such complex manner! It takes us many years just to start speaking complete sentences and more than a decade to speak fluently! You have trained yourself in the art of communicating to the others what you feel inside, by trial and error, through observation and endless repetitions. If you think that speaking is simply pronouncing words in sequence you are oversimplifying!

The verbal communication is the topmost layer of a very complex reality!

You have learned a full set of unconscious communication skills the pre-verbal and if you want to develop fluency and mastery in the art of speaking, you must train to recognize and control all these aspects.

2) Suitable vocal apparatus.

The remarkable differences between our vocal apparatus and that of primates is not anatomical. What makes us different is our neurological capability to control the movements required to produce all the phonemes in the correct sequence and speed.
This activity has required years of training!

To master this skill you have to learn how to control your voice to make it sound colorful, expressive and able to transmit emotions!

3) Breath control abilities

We speak by controlling the flow of air in our vocal apparatus if we could not control our breathing we would not be able to speak!

What makes us different from other primates is again our neurological capability to control our breathing. And guess what? Also this has required a long training!

Your breathing is deeply related also with your emotions. While you speak, if you are not in control, you may be gasping for breath, flushing or even sweating!

All these factors will influence the outcome of your communication.

Don’t worry! Even these can be retrained!

4) Ability to listen and understand others

This is the last point, but it is in fact the most important one. Your voice has been trained through your ears, and almost all your communication skills are the direct result of the work of the mirror neurons during your childhood.

Now that you have reached maturity, your mirror neurons are overwhelmed by your fully developed mind and learning how to better use your voice require effort!

All these factors are the reason why you may find yourself in trouble when you have to speak or to listen.

A good preparation, like this course, is necessary in order to avoid unintended result. If you want to be a good leader, a brilliant communicator, you have first to get rid of all the counter productive skills you have already developed. This will be the most difficult part. Once sorted out the issues, you can substitute them easily with the appropriate skills.

This is just a glimpse of what is hidden inside the human voice.

Training is the key to achieve a good level of communication in your life.

Most of the time, when you don’t get the results you were expecting with your family, friends, loved ones or in the study and work environment it’s because you’re missing some voice skills!

My work experience has told me that where there are people not happy about their outcomes, there is always a lack of communication

Learning to use your voice more effectively will surely bring relief!

the success in your life and in your career is there waiting for you!

Everyone of us has unconsciously assimilated all the communication skills of their relatives and their role model

Every one of them is still present inside you with their voice.

You just have to identify, between so many, the only voice that was born with you, your Inborn Voice!

That’s why I have spent years of research on this topic and I have named my teaching method Inborn Voice.

Every one of you is precious and unique

Thank you all for your attention and feel free to contact me with your feedback!


Speech for the Communication Skill Course 2016 at the UCSC

Speech for the Communication Skill Course 2016 at the UCSC

Here is the transcript from the Video session by Mylena Vocal Coach as Topic Expert for the Communication Skill Course at UCSC:

Hi Everyone!

I am Mylena Vocal Coach and I have dedicated ALL my life to the study and to the teaching of the awesome instrument called Voice.

I work with the voice from a three hundred and sixty degree point of view and my works now is divided between Europe and United States, thanks also to the telecommunications facilities and the Online Lessons.

Actually I live in Boston, that’s why I reach you with this video.

Many of you may think that all my work is limited to the world of Singers the highest level reachable by human voice yet my skills are more and more frequently requested by business leaders actors and ordinary people that recognize that they have some sort weakness in their voice.

Roberta has asked me to prepare a little contribution for her seminar to help her students figure out the magic that is possible with the human voice an instrument able to transport the full complexity of an idea, a feeling, from person to person.

Today, in the digital era, is very difficult to put in practice the theories that the communication expert develop observing the ones that have the privilege of having a great communication skills.

In fact knowing a theory is not enough.

It’s not even enough trying to put it in practice.

In order to be effective, a communication must be made with a Voice able to be consistent with the chosen message.

Probably each of you is using his voice without any kind of awareness.

Any voice training that you are experiencing, day after day, il mostly left to chance.

What if I tell you that many of the results you will face in your life is closely linked to the way you are using your Voice?

Every key moment of your live was, and always will be, linked to a form of voice communication.

I will try to let you grasp the importance of the practical side of the voice with some examples.

(Text message sound)

Don’t worry!

None of you have forgotten to silence your cell phone!

I’ve made this little joke to help you understand that even listening is part of a communication.

Each one of you has reacted, with a greater or lesser awareness, while hearing this simple sound.

Try to imagine what influence can have on each of you the sound of the human voice something capable of producing sound more complex that any musical instrument yet invented.

Figure out the sound of a simple greeting, the first word exchanged between the people.

I could make many examples on how to intonate a simple “Hi!”

but I prefer to let your imagination work for me.

Each one of you is able to figure out at least 10 different ways to intonate an “Hi”

but what happens when you try to put it in practice?

Probably many results will be miles away from expectations.

Why our imagination is able to conceive something that seems so difficult to put in practice?

Where then does this difficulty come from?

Obviously the answer is quite complex.

A case, easy to understand from everyone, maybe this one.

(Quiet sign)

How many times you have been asked to be quiet or to lower your voice when was not necessary?

This, and other socials behavior have produced an effect in your voice.

You have forgotten how to use your voice and its full range of expressiveness.

You are still doing this, right now.

You could say that while growing, you have learnt how NOT to use your voice.

Yet speaking is an integral part of our life, we take it for granted.

We notice how important is our Voice only when a laryngitis take our Voice away or we develop even worse voice problems.

I’m are here to help you view yourselves as something new and to rediscover how much te theoretical part of a communication require a supporting Voice, not because you are seeking personal success or a career improvement but because you want to establish a better living.

It is not enough to be prepared, to be well dressed to have the state of the art mobile phone or the newest car.

This are only part of an illusion  created by a bad magician.

The real magic is in your Voice.

I would like to reach the end with a practical example so every one of you can understand the relationship between voice and success or failure when the communication is done by person.

You can close your eyes if you wish to. Imagine ad exam, here in this prestigious University. You are a spectator of someone getting is oral exam. You have never seen him before. The first candidate seems very comfortable, and he answer to each question arguing with some kind of “savoir faire”.

The score received at the end of the exam is a surprise you find it better that the one you expect.

Another candidate seems quite nervous yet he answer to every question going straight to the point.

Even this time you are surprised by the score received you find it less than expected.

This could be the difference between having the ability to communicate and unsatisfactory results.

You don’t have to know perfectly a theory, you have also to be able to communicate it to the others in the practical aspect.

This will happen every day of your life, in every communication.

Friends, job interviews, family ,and even love.

Every and each time the leader will not be the best one but the one who has been able to communicate effectively with the others even if it was less prepared, “beautiful” or whatever.

This is ultimately the difference between knowing something and being something.

Just as parents speaks to the world through their children

I speak to the world through my clients.

All my works is related to help people getting back the voice you were born with that’s why I have called my method Inborn Voice
(the innate voice).

Thanks to Roberta for this opportunity and all of you for your precious time.

Have a great seminar!