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Video Testimonial from Cinzia

Video Testimonial from Cinzia

Cinzia also wanted to release a video testimony when she discovered, to her great regret, that I was going to live in the United States. Cinzia was also one of the first students to follow me with the pilot project of the online lessons, now many years ago, so it is definitely always in my heart.

Here is the video testimony of Cinza:

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Here’s the transcript of the testimony:

There is no need of too many words for describing what Mylena successfully made with me

I will use little words, but each one with a huge meaning.






and last, but not least


The Light I have found inside me

Our path is always more full is always more beautiful e is giving me greater emotions.

I will always give thanks to my self for the click I have made on that website

I might start crying, but I wont.

If I have to cry, it’s only for happiness.

The happiness to have find myself through you

Mylena Vocal Coach

Video Testimonial from Mimmo of the Simus

Video Testimonial from Mimmo of the Simus

Few Vocal Coach in the world are able to guarantee the ability to handle guttural sounds, such as Growl or Scream, without actually destroying the vocal cords. I always choose with caution who to work with, and I am even more meticulous when asked about these extreme vocal styles

I’m posting the video testimony of Mimmo, singer of Simus, who reports his experience with the Inborn Voice method.

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Here’s the transcript of the testimony:

Hello! I’m Mimmo D’Elia and I’m the Singer of the SIMUS an Alternative Metal Italian Band I started singing almost like every one, as a kid without any training to team with my schoolmates that were able to play musical instruments.

At first I started imitating others singers voice and the feedback were very good. Everyone pushed me to continue in this passion and to receive some kind of training to become a real singer.

When I met Mylena, back in the 2010, and her method Inborn Voice I was able to remove all the problems that were afflicting my voice during my performances, especially the live ones. If was really common to loose my voice after a concert. During my singing, after the first songs, my voices was already starting to weakens I was able to perform 2 or 4 song at top level, then my voice started to loose power and I was no more able to control it as I would like.

Thanks to Mylena I have learned the importance of correct breathing, and how is fundamental the psychophysical approach to a life performance.

My voice is improved in many other aspects its stamina be able to sing at top level during all the concert

The Inborn Voice is a method that is tailored on every single student

This was exactly what I was looking for for years because with every previous teacher I was feeling something missing: an all around approach.

My goal was to able to sing inside the same song, some parts with a Growl style, some other in Scream Style e some other with a clean voice.

My voice needed an extreme flexibility. Thanks to Mylena and her method, my voice now is what I always desired I’m able to perform in all these styles with minimum effort and I’m conscious in every single moment, of what my voice is doing.

This consciousness of your voice is, according to me the key point for everyone interested a learn how to really use the voice for singing, speaking o talking.

The consciousness o the voice is of utmost importance!

Thanks to the training received since now from Mylena I was able to record the second Album of my band, named VoxVult, published on February 2015 with the BakerTeam Records, All the singing in the album was something easy and without stress without any fear that was present during the recording of the previous album in 2010.

My training is still going on, and I owe my voice and my success to the Inborn Voice method

See you!

Video Testimonial from Monica

Video Testimonial from Monica

From time to time, some of my students are so impressed by the success they have achieved with their voice through the Inborn Voice method and my work, perhaps because they have had some not so good experience in the past, that then asks me to release some form of testimony to help others understand the differences between the Inborn Voice method and traditional vocal teaching, now obsolete and with a few centuries of problems on its shoulders.

Here is the video testimony of Monica, who released it to me when she found out I was going to Boston!

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Here’s the transcript of the testimony:

Hello everyone, my name is Monica, I am 32 and I Live near Milan.
I work as a secretary but my dream was always to act in theaters
So, ten years ago i got myself enrolled in a well know music school of Milan but at the end I got no results.
When I got the opportunity to act as a main role in a theater piece, I began searching a Vocal Coach for some private lessons.
This where when I Met Mylena and I have to tell you that the result were clearly present in a very short time period.
I have finally reached a confidence so high that now singing is no more an issue, hitting high notes is no more an issue and all was so easy that I never thought about it.
What could I say, I suggest Mylena to everyone because with her innovative method (Inborn Voice) she’s able to make miracles, I swear!
Take care!

Video Testimonial from Elisa

Video Testimonial from Elisa

Elisa is definitely, at the moment, the most resonant of my students. Probably in the not too distant future she will do something wonderful.
Elisa has been able to recognize her Inborn Voice perfectly and she is able to bring it perfectly to fulfillment in this world.

Here is the video testimony of Elisa, who released it to me when she found out I was going to Boston!

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Here’s the transcript of the testimony:

Some time in your life you find yourself in a place where everything is really flat.

There is boredom, routine and misunderstanding.

And suddenly your see it!

A great climb

And you ask yourself why is there

I have met Mylena in a period of my live that was very dark.

I’ve been searching for her because I could feel that something was wrong, I needed help to bring out something that was inside me, but I can’t help myself.

So I contacted her. I wanted to sing.

I went to her Studio and it was (I have the chills even at 100°F) the meeting most beautiful of my life because she gave me the strength to look inside myself for understanding Who really I am.

Mylena, I still remember the first day very clearly, it was very beautiful, very emotional. She looks you like with X-Rays She’s able to look behind yourself and she was able to help me to have a new dress, that now fit me like a glow.

Yes, because I have inside a such big happiness that I’m not even able to explain it When she was telling me to listen to my heart, at first I was left with a weir expression on my face. What was the meaning of this, why I was not able to listen to my heart anymore

And now I know she was right.

I wasn’t listening at all. And now that I can, everything is awesome.

She tough me many things, she tough me patience, she tough me how to understand what i really want and that is not so important what we have already obtained, because this in not source of happiness too few of us realize this she tough me she helped me and is awesome: my life is reborn again!

So I would like to tell you that if you are thinking that everything is lost o you are not able to find yourself, keep up! Try to stop just a second for asking yourself what you really want from your life

I suggest you to contact Mylena the sooner you will start this journey the better your life will get even if the journey is hard and if the climb is really step.

You just need to look inside you with patience but when you reach the goal, you can have all this!

You see a broad panorama from above e then you realize that nothing is lost and that you can always, always and always, reach your goal and what you want if you believe it and you follow your hearth.

A sincere thank you to Mylena!

Bye Mylena, Thank You!