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Video Testimonial from Allan Dowds

Video Testimonial from Allan Dowds

Allan was one of my first students here in Boston. He is the founder of the Raja Style Yoga School in MarbleHead, MA. The combination of voice and Yoga is something as ancient as it is modern, that is, the ancients knew perfectly the importance of voice, while today everything is left to chance.

Here is the video testimony from Allan about Inborn Voice sessions and being a better yoga teacher:

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Here’s the transcript of the testimony:

Hey, this is a video testimonial for my dear friend and voice guru: Mylena

Mylena is one of the sweetest, kindest, dearest, most intuitive people I have met in quite a while

just like an experienced piano tuner, when you’re the piano, she uses the quality, the character, the timber, the vibration of your voice to discern and detect any emotional or energetic discord or imbalance within you and then prescribes various physical and/or mental exercises to root out and address the cause of the imbalance.

In five sessions she’s made me a better yoga instructor.

Here’s the deal.

So I’m now more tuned into the energy behind my voice behind my thoughts and my words, then I was before which makes it easier to stop and perhaps, not actually say something that’s not yogic or say something in an emotionally charged manner that might not be yogic or helpful to a given situation

it’s easier for me to feel the sensation of the energy now that she’s pointed it out to me than it is to try and keep track of the words themselves or the thoughts themselves which sort of drone on one is a physical tangible sensation the other i have to pay attention to

so just saying in five sessions she’s made me a better yoga instructor