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Video Testimonial from Romania by Cristina

Video Testimonial from Romania by Cristina

Cristina also wanted to release her own video testimony, in English, on the results obtained with the Inborn Voice method just when she learned that I was leaving for the United States.

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Here’s the transcript of the Video testimony from Cristina (Romania) about singing and Inborn Voice training:

Hello, my name is Cristina and I’m from Romania

I’ve been singing since I was a little girl but still there was issues to be resolved and I could not find the right path to do that

Therefore I started looking through billions of websites, I’ve been to meetings with professionals vocal coaches, I’ve tried everything until I met Mylena Vocal Coach

Then I got my answers!

I’ve been looking for three main things: Technique, Confidence and of course to keep the health of my vocal cords!

Mylena managed to do that for me, how?

First, at the first meeting she made a 360° overview of my full body health,
even before starting the singing process

Therefore what did I get in return?

I got a wonderful technique of course it was in line with getting more confidence in myself and third she drove me to be one of the five top contestant at the Nova Latinitas International Latin Contest in 2012

Therefore, if you want a vocal coach there for you whenever you are in need, if you want to be independent form your vocal coach whenever you don’t have access to it, Then Mylena Vocal Coach it’s just for you

Thank you