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Video Testimonial from Elisa

Video Testimonial from Elisa

Elisa is definitely, at the moment, the most resonant of my students. Probably in the not too distant future she will do something wonderful.
Elisa has been able to recognize her Inborn Voice perfectly and she is able to bring it perfectly to fulfillment in this world.

Here is the video testimony of Elisa, who released it to me when she found out I was going to Boston!

Leave a comment if she touched you!

Here’s the transcript of the video testimony about improving your life with Inborn Voice Realignment:

Some time in your life you find yourself in a place where everything is really flat.

There is boredom, routine and misunderstanding.

And suddenly your see it!

A great climb

And you ask yourself why is there

I have met Mylena in a period of my live that was very dark.

I’ve been searching for her because I could feel that something was wrong, I needed help to bring out something that was inside me, but I can’t help myself.

So I contacted her. I wanted to sing.

I went to her Studio and it was (I have the chills even at 100°F) the meeting most beautiful of my life because she gave me the strength to look inside myself for understanding Who really I am.

Mylena, I still remember the first day very clearly, it was very beautiful, very emotional. She looks you like with X-Rays She’s able to look behind yourself and she was able to help me to have a new dress, that now fit me like a glow.

Yes, because I have inside a such big happiness that I’m not even able to explain it When she was telling me to listen to my heart, at first I was left with a weir expression on my face. What was the meaning of this, why I was not able to listen to my heart anymore

And now I know she was right.

I wasn’t listening at all. And now that I can, everything is awesome.

She tough me many things, she tough me patience, she tough me how to understand what i really want and that is not so important what we have already obtained, because this in not source of happiness too few of us realize this she tough me she helped me and is awesome: my life is reborn again!

So I would like to tell you that if you are thinking that everything is lost o you are not able to find yourself, keep up! Try to stop just a second for asking yourself what you really want from your life

I suggest you to contact Mylena the sooner you will start this journey the better your life will get even if the journey is hard and if the climb is really step.

You just need to look inside you with patience but when you reach the goal, you can have all this!

You see a broad panorama from above e then you realize that nothing is lost and that you can always, always and always, reach your goal and what you want if you believe it and you follow your hearth.

A sincere thank you to Mylena!

Bye Mylena, Thank You!