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  • Workshop: Identity and Voice – Los Angeles. Fall in love with your Voice once more and find your true Identity – 24 April 2022

Workshop: Identity and Voice – Los Angeles. Fall in love with your Voice once more and find your true Identity – 24 April 2022

Mylena Vocal Coach

Workshop: Identity and Voice – Los Angeles.
Fall in love with your Voice once more and find your True Identity

Event Date

24 April 2022

Event Time

09:30 – 18:00 PDT (Los Angeles)

24 April 2022 – from 09:30am to 6:00pm

The workshop will take place in the center of Los Angeles in a hotel easily accessible by metro/train/airplane.

Number of available seats
The event is limited to 22 participants.

Pre-sale price only $599.00 for the first 4 enrolled
Regular price $799.00

Workshop in English run and hosted by Mylena Vocal Coach. There will be live translation to/from Italian and French.


On November 07, 2021, we will hold the 20th edition of the longest running Inborn Voice® workshop ever: Identity and Voice. An intense full day dedicated to the Inborn Voice method to fall back in love with your own voice and find your true identity.

The workshop will be hosted by Mylena Vocal Coach herself. Mylena is the creator of the Inborn Voice method, she collaborates with several universities in the world, including the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, where she obtained the role of Topic Expert in Communication and Personal Development. Her work has been presented by the main magazines, including ELLE, VOGUE, Millionaire, l’Impresa (Sole 24 Ore group), as well as by the main televisions.

The workshop is focused on the Inborn Voice method and the studies presented in the book “A secret is hiding on everyone’s lips”.

In this unique workshop, Mylena Vocal Coach will engage you with the most hidden part of your voice, until you touch the root of your true identity. The event is focused on experiencing first hand, through practical exercises, the holistic part of the Inborn Voice method. It is a new key to understanding the human voice that does not require any specific training or skills. Anyone can participate!

Water, pen and paper will be provided to all participants.

The only equipment needed is a yoga mat and/or blanket to practice on floor some activities.

Entry to the Workshop will require compliance with all current social and health regulations and will be granted only upon presentation of a valid Vaccination card. If the in-person event is not permitted or recommended, the event will be rescheduled online, on the same day/time. You will receive all details once you begin registration.

To begin registration and request more information, you must fill out the form below!



Registration opening



Beginning of the Workshop with a welcome by Mylena Vocal Coach .



1 ½ hour lunch break.



Second part of the Workshop with Mylena Vocal Coach


Workshop Ends


Schedules are approximate.

Milena Origgi

aka Mylena Vocal Coach, has been fighting for more than thirty years to affirm the indissoluble bond that exists between the emotional sphere and voice.

She is the founder of Inborn Voice®, an innovative vocal coaching method that focuses on removing what has been learned so far that is counterproductive and hinders personal expressiveness, and not on teaching outdated and potentially dangerous speech techniques.

Born in Busto Arsizio ( Italy), she began her career with her first studio in Milan. Her fame then spread across the English Channel, leading her to open a second studio in London. Finally today she lives and works in her third studio in Boston (USA).

She has written several books and with her latest, “The Way of the Voice: A secret is hiding on everyone’s lips“, explains why the Voice is the best kept secret of so many people who have achieved success in both their personal and professional lives.

Linkedin profile of Milena Origgi.

Workshop: Identity and Voice – Los Angeles – 20th Edition.


How to enroll

Admission to the Workshop is open to all, but seats are limited. Once the maximum number of participants is reached, registrations will be closed.

Pre-registration is required, but not binding: please fill out the form below. Once registered you will be contacted by our staff at the email address you entered, so make sure you wrote it correctly! You will receive via email all the details and information needed to complete the registration and book your seat.

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Los Angeles
Registration deadline

17 April 2022 – 23:59 PDT (Los Angeles)


By attending, you expressly agree to all of our Terms and Conditions, especially those related to Privacy, which include the prohibition of online recording and dissemination of any of the event related content.

Photo and audio-video recording

By attending the event, you confirm that you have understood, pursuant to Article 96 of Law 633 of 1941, that the photos and audio-video recordings, made as part of the event in question, are prohibited and / or that their dissemination by any technological means and for any purpose will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Health crisis

The Workshop is scheduled to be held in-person, but if that is impossible or not recommended, the event will still be held via online. You will receive more details via email once you have pre-registered.

Pre-enrollment Form:

Access to the workshop is open to all. Registration is required, but not binding.
Once you have registered, you will be contacted by our staff who will provide you with all the information you need to gain access to the workshop and will answer to all your questions. Every communication will be sent to the email address you registered with.

Last name:* 
Year of birth:* 
Email address:* 
I have read and accept the Legal Disclaimer of this website.* 
Without your consent, you will not be able to receive email invitations to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any age limitations to participate in this event?

Minimum age is 16 years. Please contact us for any eventualities.

What transportation/parking options are available?

The hotel will be located close to the services of the Los Angeles subway line, therefore easily reachable from railway stations or airports. Paying parking is also available in the area. Those who reach the hotel by car are invited to contact the hotel directly for the best parking strategy.

What to bring/not bring to the workshop?

You only need to bring a yoga mat or blanket, nothing else.

Is the ticket nominative?

The ticket is not named, but if someone comes in your place we need to be notified in advance.

Do I need to bring a printed copy of the ticket?

You don’t have to, the confirmation code, the email on your smartphone or an ID can also be fine.

Will I be reimbursed if I don’t attend the event?

No refund is due if the participant does not show up.

Will I be reimbursed if the event is cancelled?

You will only be refunded if the event is cancelled. If the event is held online, no refund will be due.

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